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by Jayaram V

Life is tough. Do not take it for granted. Truly speaking, nothing should be taken for granted, except your ability to face the challenges of life and resolve them.

Never lose heart, nor courage. Difficulties will come. If you have resolve and inner strength, you will deal with them. Know that your choices depend upon your circumstances. It means that you must be realistic, attentive and deal with the problems in the context of your life and circumstances.

Others may tell you how you should live your life, or you might have read about it in a book. It is good to learn from others, but see how far you can apply other people’s knowledge and wisdom to your own life. Believe in yourself and make your own decisions according to the situation and circumstances.

Set your priorities. You should know where to focus your attention and spend your energies or what is important for you or necessary for your success and happiness. If you know your priorities, you know how to balance your life and adapt to situations, without feeling guilty or remorse.

Control your impulses and give a thought to the important aspects and problems in your life. The first thought is not always the best thought. If you challenge your own assumptions and conclusions before you set your mind, you may save yourself from making mistakes and suffering from the consequences.

This is a phase where your path is not yet fully set, since you are in the formative stages of your life and you have a lot of flexibility before life begins to limit your choices and closes some doors. Therefore, consider yourself a builder or an architect, who is laying the foundation of a beautiful life and promising future.

Do you have a design for your future? Do you have a plan? Are you mentally prepared for the task ahead? You cannot go on a long journey, without clear goals and plans, and without knowing why you want to engage in certain actions. You need a purpose to provide you with direction and motivation and fuel your journey forward.

In this phase you are most vulnerable to the temptations and pleasures of life. Nature works against you. You may be still undecided about your future or your goals, as you are torn by conflicting goals, ideals and values. You may not trust the wisdom of your elders or the advice of your patents.

You want to find your own truth. Amidst all that turmoil, you cannot afford to lose your focus or concentration. If you become distracted, you will fall behind and pay dearly for wasting away opportunities.

In these turbulent times, discipline is your best sanctuary. If you have discipline, you will persevere and succeed in your aims and tasks.

Do not scatter your energy, or be drawn into too many things. Keep a few specific goals and aim to achieve them.

The biggest challenge is to find out your deepest yearning or your hidden talents. In that you have to trust your heart and your experience. Find out what comes to you naturally, what you love doing most, and where you are at ease while performing tasks.

You may or may not be born with wealth. Whatever may be your financial status, know that money is not everything. Although, it gives you certain advantages in life, it is still a resource. Fortunately, it is not the only resource which can propel you to success.

There are other forms of wealth namely your natural abilities and God given gifts. Everyone is born with certain innate talents, abilities and skills. They constitute your wealth or seed capital. Invest your energies in it and try to convert it into monetary wealth, name, fame and success.

At this stage, life is a Battlefield and you are warrior with dreams and desires, and bubbling energy. However, you are still a novice who is passing through a learning and experimenting, and not yet a master of anything.

To prove yourself, you will have to push yourself through many of internal and external barriers. You should consider them a part of your journey of success and achievement and deal with them without losing your courage or composure.

Enjoy your successes, but never settle with them. Once a goal is achieved, set another and move forward. Also, do not forget that you are also in competition with many others who are just like you or more experienced than you.

To succeed against them and stand out and stay ahead of them, you have to compete with yourself and with numerous others with excellence as your goal. Do not lose heart if you are met with failure or disappointments. Improve your knowledge or methods based upon your observation and learning.

Do not be afraid of competing with others, standing for yourself or believing in yourself. However, know that you cannot push your way to success by hurting and harming others or exploiting them. Your success should not be a source of suffering to others.

You may not avoid the envy of others when you are successful, but you should not be the cause of their suffering. If your success can contribute to the success of others, it is even better. In building relationships and while dealing with people, you have to respect them. In the journey of life, you have to balance your ambition and aggression with humility, modesty, understanding and forgiveness.

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