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by Jayaram V

Happiness is a positive feeling of joy, contentment, peace, harmony or fulfillment. When you experience any of them, you can consider being happy. However, life is such that we all seek happiness, but do not always find it. We occasionally experience it, when we meet a friend, visit a place, gain something desirable, lose something undesirable or resolve a problem, but most of the time we may not be even aware of it.

There is no simple formula which will make people uniformly and universally happy. People vary in their ability to experience happiness and sustain it, just as they vary in their ability to respond to different situations. It appears some people are more prone to happiness than others.

Many extrinsic and intrinsic factors are responsible for these differences. For example, you cannot make anyone happy in threatening situations, until the threats are removed. Similarly, it is very difficult to make chronically depressed people happy.

Studies show that each person is subject to a set level of happiness. Beyond that, their capacity to experience happiness greatly decreases. In other words, you cannot make people happy or unhappy beyond a point.

Happy people are also healthy people. They focus upon the positive aspects of life and seek situations that keep them in a positive state of mind. It is easier to make happy people happier than unhappy people happy.

The lure of happiness is a motivating factor in human behavior. People can be motivated to find joy and happiness in their lives through their actions and choices. Advertisement companies are aware of it, and fully exploit it. They use images of happy people or situations that seem to produce happiness or opportunities to experience great moments to catch people’s attention and sell them their products and services.

Although we may not always experience happiness, it makes sense to increase our chances of happiness and our potential to experience it and sustain it, using right strategies. It has many benefits too. Happiness contributes to good health, positive self-esteem, resilience, success, and zest for life.

There is no simple secret to happiness. Different people seek different things in their lives to experience it. However, there is no guarantee that the same strategies and solutions work upon everyone. Some strategies may be more effective than others and work well in most situations.

For example, studies show that people experience happiness when they feel good about their actions, achievements and relationships. In other words, happiness follows when you believe that you are in control of your life, actions and situations.

If you are forced to do something against your will or due to circumstances and obligations, you may not be happy. On the contrary, if you find yourself doing something which you love doing or enjoy doing, you will be extremely happy.

It is why sometimes, people leave well paying jobs and begin to pursue careers where they have a greater opportunity to explore their talents and skills. They do it to experience fulfillment and self-actualization, even though financially they may not be good rewarding.

Therefore, if you want to find happiness, you have to find something that you enjoy doing and do it. If it is not practically possible, you must motivate yourself to enjoy what you do, by cultivating interest in it and focusing upon its positive aspects.

Whether you want to do it or not depends upon what motivates and makes your happy. If money brings you happiness, and if your ideal job is not financially rewarding enough, you probably choose the second option.

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