The Guru Granth Sahib - Chaubolas, Fifth Mehl

Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikhism

Index of Verses

Section 39 - Chaubolas, Fifth Mehl - Part 001

Is there any such friend, who can untie this difficult knot?
O Nanak, the One Supreme Lord and Master of the earth reunites the separated ones. ||15||
I run around in all directions, searching for the love of God.
The five evil enemies are tormenting me; how can I destroy them?

Shoot them with the sharp arrows of meditation on the Name of God.
O Lord! The way to slaughter these terrible sadistic enemies is obtained from the Perfect Guru. ||16||
The True Guru has blessed me with the bounty which shall never be exhausted.
Eating and consuming it, all the Gurmukhs are emancipated.
The Lord, in His Mercy, has blessed me with the treasure of the Ambrosial Naam.
O Nanak, worship and adore the Lord, who never dies. ||17||
Wherever the Lord's devotee goes is a blessed, beautiful place.
All comforts are obtained, meditating on the Lord's Name.
People praise and congratulate the devotee of the Lord, while the slanderers rot and die.
Says Nanak, O friend, chant the Naam, and your mind shall be filled with bliss. ||18||
The mortal never serves the Immaculate Lord, the Purifier of sinners.
The mortal wastes away in false pleasures. How long can this go on?
Why do you take such pleasure, looking at this mirage?
O Lord! I am a sacrifice to those who are known and approved in the Court of the Lord. ||19||
The fool commits countless foolish actions and so many sinful mistakes.
The fool's body smells rotten, and turns to dust.
He wanders lost in the darkness of pride, and never thinks of dying.
O Lord! The mortal gazes upon the mirage; why does he think it is true? ||20||

When someone's days are over, who can save him?
How long can the physicians go on, suggesting various therapies?
You fool, remember the One Lord; only He shall be of use to you in the end.
O Lord! Without the Name, the body turns to dust, and everything goes to waste. ||21||
Drink in the medicine of the Incomparable, Priceless Name.
Meeting and joining together, the Saints drink it in, and give it to everyone.
He alone is blessed with it, who is destined to receive it.
O Lord! I am a sacrifice to those who enjoy the Love of the Lord. ||22||
The physicians meet together in their assembly.
The medicines are effective, when the Lord Himself stands in their midst.
Their good deeds and karma become apparent.
O Lord! Pains, diseases and sins all vanish from their bodies. ||23||
Chaubolas, Fifth Mehl:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
O Samman, if one could buy this love with money,
then consider Raawan the king. He was not poor, but he could not buy it, even though he offered his head to Shiva. ||1||
My body is drenched in love and affection for the Lord; there is no distance at all between us.
My mind is pierced through by the Lotus Feet of the Lord. He is realized when one's intuitive consciousness is attuned to Him. ||2||

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