The Guru Granth Sahib - Raag Jaijaavantee

Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikhism

Index of Verses

Section 35 - Raag Jaijaavantee - Part 001

One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying. Beyond Birth. Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace:
Raag Jaijaavantee, Ninth Mehl:
Meditate in remembrance on the Lord - meditate on the Lord; this alone shall be of use to you.

Abandon your association with Maya, and take shelter in the Sanctuary of God.
Remember that the pleasures of the world are false; this whole show is just an illusion. ||1||Pause||
You must understand that this wealth is just a dream. Why are you so proud?
The empires of the earth are like walls of sand. ||1||
Servant Nanak speaks the Truth: your body shall perish and pass away.
Moment by moment, yesterday passed. Today is passing as well. ||2||1||
Jaijaavantee, Ninth Mehl:
Meditate on the Lord - vibrate on the Lord; your life is slipping away.
Why am I telling you this again and again? You fool - why don't you understand?
Your body is like a hail-stone; it melts away in no time at all. ||1||Pause||
So give up all your doubts, and utter the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
At the very last moment, this alone shall go along with you. ||1||
Forget the poisonous sins of corruption, and enshrine the Praises of God in your heart.
Servant Nanak proclaims that this opportunity is slipping away. ||2||2||
Jaijaavantee, Ninth Mehl:
O mortal, what will your condition be?
In this world, you have not listened to the Lord's Name.
You are totally engrossed in corruption and sin; you have not turned your mind away from them at all. ||1||Pause||

You obtained this human life, but you have not remembered the Lord in meditation, even for an instant.
For the sake of pleasure, you have become subservient to your woman, and now your feet are bound. ||1||
Servant Nanak proclaims that the vast expanse of this world is just a dream.
Why not meditate on the Lord? Even Maya is His slave. ||2||3||
Jaijaavantee, Ninth Mehl:
Slipping away - your life is uselessly slipping away.
Night and day, you listen to the Puraanas, but you do not understand them, you ignorant fool!
Death has arrived; now where will you run? ||1||Pause||

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