The Rig Veda Book 5 - Verses 61 to 70

Brahma receiving the Vedas

Translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith

HYMN LXI. Maruts.

1. O HEROES lordliest of all, who are ye that have singly come
Forth from a region most remote?
2. Where are your horses, where the reins? How came ye? how had ye the power?
Rein was on nose and seat on back.
3 The whip is laid upon the flank. The heroes stretch their thighs apart,
Like women when the babe is born.
4 Go ye, O Heroes, far away, ye bridegrooms with a lovely Spouse
That ye may warm you at the fire.

5 May she gain cattle for her meed, hundreds of sheep and steeds and kine,
Who threw embracing arms around the hero whom gyavaiva praised.
6 Yea, many a woman is more firm and better than the man who turns
Away from Gods, andoffers not.
7 She who discerns the weak and worn, the man who thirsts and is in want
She sets her mind upon the Gods.
8 And yet full many a one, unpraised, mean niggard, is entitled man:
Only in weregild is he such.
9 And she, the young, the joyous-spirited, divulged the path to Syava, yea, to me.
Two red steeds carried me to Purumilha's side, that sage of far-extended fame,
10 Him who, like Vaidadasvi, like Taranta, hath bestowed on me
A hundred cows in liberal gift.
11 They who are borne by rapid steeds, drinking the meath that gives delight,
They have attained high glories here.
12 They by whose splendour both the worlds are over-spread they shine on cars
As the gold gleams above in heaven.
13 That Marut band is ever young, borne on bright cars, unblamable,
Moving to victory, checked by none.
14 Who knoweth, verily, of these where the All-shakers take delight,
Born, spotless, after sacred Law?
15 Guides are ye, lovers of the song to mortal man through holy hymn,
And hearers when he cries for help.
16 Do ye, destroyers of the foe, worshipful and exceeding bright,
Send down the treasures that we crave.
17 OUrmya, bear thou far away to Darbhya this my hymn of praise,
Songs, Goddess, as if chariot-borne.
18 From me to Rathaviti say, when he hath pressed the Soma juice,
The wish I had departeth not.
19 This wealthy Rathaviti dwells among the people rich in kine,
Among the mountains, far withdrawn.

HYMN LXII. Mitra-Varuna

1. BY your high Law firm order is established there where they loose for travel Surya's horses.
Ten hundred stood together: there I looked on this the most marvellous Deities' one chief glory.
2 This, Mitra-Varuna, is your special greatness: floods that stood there they with the days attracted.
Ye cause to flow all voices of the cowpen: your single chariotfelly hath rolled hither.
3 O Mitra-Varuna, ye by your greatness, both Kings, have firmly stablished earth and heaven,
Ye caused the cows to stream, the plants to flourish, and, scattering swift drops, sent down the rain-flood.
4 Let your well-harnessed horses bear you hither: hitherward let them come with reins drawn tightly.
A covering cloud of sacred oil attends you, and your streams flow to us from days aforetime.
5 To make the lustre wider and more famous, guarding the sacred grass with veneration,
Ye, Mitra-Varuna, firm, strong, awe-inspiring, are seated on a throne amid oblations.
6 With hands that shed no blood, guarding the pious, whom, Varuni3, ye save amid oblations.
Ye Twain, together, Kings of willing spirit, uphold dominion based on thousand pillars.
7 Adorned with gold, its columns are of iron. in heaven it glitters like a whip for horses;
Or stablished on a field deep-spoiled and fruitful. So may we share the meath that loads your car-seat.
8 Ye mount your car gold-hued at break of morning, and iron-pillared when the Sun is setting,
And from that place, O Varuna and Mitra, behold infinity and limit~tion.
9 Bountiful guardians of the world! the shelter that is impenetrable, strongest, flawless,
Aid us with that, O Varuna and Mitra, and when we long to win may we be victors.

HYMN LXIII. Mitra-Varuna.

1. GUARDIANS of Order, ye whose Laws are ever true, in the sublimest heaven your chariot ye ascend.
O Mitra-Varuna whomsoe'er ye: favour, here, to him the rain with sweetness streameth down from heaven.
2 This world's imperial Kings, O Mitra-Varuna, ye rule in holy synod, looking on the light.
We pray for rain, your boon, and immortality. Through heaven and over earth the thunderers take their way.
3 Imperial Kings, strong, Heroes, Lords of earth and heaven, Mitra and Varuna, ye ever active Ones,
Ye wait on thunder with the many-tinted clouds, and by the Asura's magic power cause Heaven to rain.
4 Your magic, Mitra-Varuna, resteth in the heaven. The Sun, the wondrous weapon, cometh forth as light.
Ye hide him in the sky with cloud and flood of rain, and water-drops, Parjanya! full of sweetness flow.
5 The Maruts yoke their easy car for victory, O Mitra-Varuna, as a hero in the wars.
The thunderers roam through regions varied in their hues. Imperial Kings, bedew us with the milk of heaven.
6 Refreshing is your voice, O Mitra-Varuna: Parjanya sendeth out a wondrous mighty voice.
With magic power the Maruts clothe them with the clouds. Ye Two cause Heaven to rain, the red, the spotless One.
7 Wise, with your Law and through the Asura's magic power ye guard the ordinances, Mitra-Varuna.
Ye by eternal Order govern all the world. Ye set the Sun in heaven as a refulgent car.

HYMN LX1V. Mitra-Varuna

1. You, foeman-slaying Varuna and Mitra, we invoke with song,
Who, as with penfold of your arms, encompass round the realm of light.
2 Stretch out your arms with favouring love unto this man who singeth hymns,
For in all places is sung forth your evergracious friendliness.
3 That I may gain a refuge now, may my steps be on Mitra's path.
Men go protected in the charge of this dear Friend who harms us not.
4 Mitra and Varuna, from you may I, by song, win noblest meed.
That shall stir envy in the homes of wealthy chiefs and those who praise.
5 With your fair splendours, Varuna and Mitra, to our gathering come,
That in their homes the wealthy chiefs and they who are your friends may thrive.
6 With those, moreover, among whom ye hold your high supremacy,
Vouchsafe us room that we may win strength for prosperity and wealth.
7 When morning flushes, Holy Ones! in the Gods' realm where white Cows shine,
Supporting Arcananas, speed, ye Heroes, with your active feet hither to my pressed Soma juice.

HYMN LXV Mitra-Varuna.

1. FULL wise is he who hath discerned: let him speak to us of the Gods,-
The man whose praise-songs Varuna the beautiful, or Mitra, loves.
2 For they are Kings of noblest might, of glorious fame most widely spread;
Lords of the brave, who strengthen Law, the Holy Ones with every race.
3 Approaching you with prayer for aid, together I address you first
We who have good steeds call on you, Most Sage, to give us strength besides.
4 E'en out of misery Mitra gives a way to dwelling at our case,
For he who worships hath the grace of Mitra, fighter in the van. '
5 In Mitra's shelter that extends to utmost distance may we dwell,
Unmenaced, guarded by the care, ever as sons of Varuna.
6 Ye, Mitra, urge this people on, and to one end direct their ways.
Neglect not ye the wealthy chiefs, neglect not us the Rsis: be our guardians when ye quaff the milk.

HYMN LXVI. Mitra-Varuna.

1. O SAPIENT man, call the Two Gods, the very wise, who slay the foe.
For Varuna, whose form is Law, place offerings for his great delight.
2 For they have won unbroken sway in full perfection, power divine.
And, like high laws, the world of man hath been made beautiful as light.
3 Therefore we praise you that your cars may travel far in front of ours-
You who accept the eulogy of Ratahavya with his hymns.
4 And ye show wMom, Wondrous Gods with fulness of intellIgence.
By men's discernment are Ve marked, O ye whose might is purified.
5 This is the Law sublime, O Earth: to aid the Rsis' toil for fame
The Two, wide-spreading, are prepared. They come with ample overflow.
6 Mitra, ye Gods with wandering eyes, would that the worshippers and we
Might strive to reach the realm ye rule, most spacious and protected well,

HYMN LXVII. Mitra-Varuna.

1. YE Gods, Adityas, Varuna, Aryaman, Mitra, verily
Have here obtained supremest sway, high, holy, set apart for you.
2 When, Varuna and Mitra, ye sit in your golden dwelling-place,
Ye Twain, supporters of mankind, foeslayers, give felicity.
3 All these, possessors of all wealth, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman,
Follow their ways, as if with feet, and guard from injury mortal man.
4 For they are true, they cleave to Law, held holy among every race,
Good leaders, bounteous in their gifts, deliverers even from distress.
5 Which of your persons, Varuna or Mitra, merits not our praise?
Therefore our thought is turned to you, the Atris' thought is turned to you.

HYMN LXVIII. Mitra-Varuna.

1. SING forth unto your Varuna and Mitra with a song inspired.
They, Mighty Lords, are lofty Law
2 Full springs of fatness, Sovran Kings, Mitra. and Varuna, the Twain,
Gods glorified among the Gods.
3 So help ye us to riches, great terrestrial and celestial wealth:
Vast is your sway among the Gods.
4 Carefully tending Law with Law they have attained their vigorous might.
The two Gods wax devoid of guile.
5 With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the strength that bringeth gifts,
A lofty seat have they attained.

HYMN LXIX. Mitra-Varuna.

1. THREE spheres of light, O Varuna, three heavens, three firmaments ye comprehend, O Mitra:
Waxed strong, ye keep the splendour of dominion, guarding the Ordinance that lasts for ever.
2 Ye, Varuna, have kine who yield refreshment; Mitra, your floods pour water full of sweetness.
There stand the Three Steers, splendid in their brightness, who fill the three world-bowls with genial moisture.
3 I call at dawn on Aditi the Goddess, I call at noon and when the Sun is setting.
I pray, O Mitra-Varuna, for safety, for wealth and progeny, in rest and trouble.
4 Ye who uphold the region, sphere of brightness, ye who support earth's realm Divine Adityas,
The Immortal Gods, O Varuna and Mitra, never impair your everlasting statutes.

HYMN LXX. Mitra-Varuna.

1. EVEN far and wide, O Varuna and Mitra, doth your grace extend.
May I obtain your kind good-will.
2 From you, benignant Gods, may we gain fully food for sustenance.
Such, O ye Rudras, my we be.
3 Guard us, O Rudras. with your guar4 save us, ye skilled to save, my we
Subdue the Dasyus, we ourselves,
4 Or ne'er may we, O Wondrous Strong, enjoy another's solemn feast,
Ourselves, our sons, or progeny.

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Source: An English translation of the Vedas by Ralph T.H. Griffith, 1896.

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