The Life and Works of Swami Paramananda

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An Artistic Impression of Swami Paramananda

by Swami Paramananda

SWAMI PARAMANANDA (1884-1940) was the youngest disciple of Swami Vivekananda. He joined the Ramakrishna Mission at a very young age of 16 and got his initial training under Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ramakrishnananda. In 1906 he accompanied Swami Abhedananda to New York to assist the latter in managing the activities of the Vedanta Center of New York. Three years later he moved to Boston to open a new Vedanta Center there. During his stay abroad, he traveled extensively in the US and Europe lecturing and forming vedanta groups.

His emphasis on personal touch in the master and disciple relationship endeared him to many members of the vedanta groups in the US. In 1909 he started the Message of the East a magazine through which he made available to the readers information about spiritual subjects from all major religions and translation of religious texts such as the Upanishads. Swami Paramananda believed in the equality of women and worked for their welfare. He encouraged women's participation in the study of the Vedanta and the activities of the Vedanta Center. He established a community of nuns and appointed sister Sister Devamata (1867-1942) to teach them Vedanta.

The list of works

During his life time Swami Paramananda published many works of immense spiritual value, some of which are listed below along with books written about him.

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Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

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