A Short History of Indian Medical Science


The literature of Indian Medicine is so vast and copious that it is impossible to do adequate justice to its history within the compass of a small manual. The science is acknowledged on all hands to be of great antiquity, and contains a mine of information not to be altogether despised by the students of medicine of our day. Should it be approached in a spirit of fairness and inquiry, possibly it might disclose the germs of not a few of the marvellous discoveries in the realm of Medicine of which the present century is justly proud, and afford a diligent scholar ample scope and materials for comparison between the old and the new systems, with a view to supply the deficiencies of the one or the other for the benefit of mankind. An elaborate and complete history of Hindu Medical Science is a great desideratum. If this humble attempt, however imperfect and fragmentary, should induce any of my readers to set himself seriously to the task of compiling from original sources a more readable and comprehensive history, I shall consider my labour to have been well spent.

B. S. J. Gondal, 1895. ​

Editor's Note: This book was originally published under the title A Short History of Aryan Medical Science. It has been changed to A Short History of Indian Medical Science to avoid confusion and reflect the fact that Indian medical science developed in ancient times due to the effort of many people from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds rather than a particular group, race or community. We have also changed the titles of many chapters for clarity. Please read the disclaimer at the end of this page.

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Source: Chapter 10, A Short History Of Aryan Medical Science By H.H. Sir Bhagvat Singh Jee, K.C.I.E. M.D., D.C.L., Ll.D., F.R.C.P.E. Thakore Saheb Of Gondal With Ten Plates, London Macmillan And Co., Ltd. New York : The Macmillan Company 1896. This was previously edited by Rajasekhar, 1961, and was reformatted and reorganized for the web edition by Jayaram V in 2019. The title of the work has also been changed to A Short History Of Indian Medical Science to reflect the current theories of the early history of India and adjoining areas.

Disclaimer: While we have taken every precaution to reproduce the text correctly, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or authenticity. Serious students of the subject may refer to the original text for any serious work. The text has been reproduced for information purposes only and not for any cure, diagnosis or treatment. Readers are requested to consult any physician or expert on the subject matter for any health related matters. This book may not be in public domain in some countries. Please check your local copyright laws.

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