Reality As an Idea

Perspectives and Viewpoints

by Jayaram V

The following is a speculative thinking on how reality may manifest in the universe first as an idea and later as a concrete object, event or phenomenon.

The material universe which we experience through our minds and senses is a product of a possibility hidden as an idea in the sum of possibilities that are eternally present in some cosmic dimension and do not manifest until they are triggered into action by cosmic forces. Presently we do not know what forces or conditions propel them to manifest or where they reside in the cosmic sphere.

They may reside in some realm or plane, which may be somewhat similar to our consciousness or intelligence. If it exists, we cannot enter it with our physical minds, nor objectively comprehend it with our rationality. Its presence, however, may manifest in our realm as a set of physical and mathematic laws, which are universal and mostly repeatable, which provide order, regularity and predictability to the objective world, and which we may regard in a broader sense as Dharma.

If the laws are universal, such as the numbers or their equations or the laws of thermodynamics or gravity, we do not know why they are universal or what controls them. Surely, they must be inherent in every aspect of the unverse up to the most elementary level. While we do not know many truths of our existence and perhaps will never know them, the following set of principles seem to govern our existence and the reality which we experience.

1. Each reality, state, manifestation or phenomenon initially exists in the universe as an idea or a possibility. However, we do not know where they are hidden.

2. At some point, when right conditions are present, each idea gathers momentum or force and becomes an objective reality.

3. Until the idea transforms into reality, it remains in a subjective state of latency as a possibility or probability only, which may increase or decrease according to the conditions that support them or oppose them.

4. During its manifestation each idea may proceed in any direction, but mostly follows the paths of least resistance.

5. What can possibly happen in your imagination may likely happen in reality also when it gathers sufficient force and right conditions.

6. The future is always uncertain because it is the sum of possibilities and probabilities, which depend upon numerous other probabilities and possibilities that need to be present or absent for ideas to manifest.

7. What happens at the present moment opens numerous paths into future. As Time moves on, each branches out into numerous other paths creating more uncertainty.

8.  The farther the future, the greater is the difficulty to estimate the possibility or the probability of an idea manifesting.

9. The idea of a possibility is the root. It remains hidden in intelligence as a potential cause. However, where or in which dimension intelligence resides in the universe is uncertain.

10. It is possible that intelligence may be another dimension of the universe as Time and space are. We do not yet have the means to understand its physical or mathematical basis.

11. No one can correctly predict the future of an idea, but one may predict the logical possibility or the probability of its manifestation in future according to given circumstances.

12. If you want to create something or make something happen, create the precipitating factors and increase the percentage of probability.

13. You do not have control over the future outcome or the result of any action. However, you can influence its course and possibility.

14. In the realm of infinite possibilities, there is no definite, end goal, destination or the absolute, final point.

15. Intelligence and imagination are our greatest gifts. Probably a similar mechanism is responsible for all manifestation  in the universe.

These observations or principles can be applied to our own lives, events and happenings. The future is always a possibility with no certainty. The farther it is in time and space, the greater is the difficulty in estimating it.

We may estimate the possibility of something happening in future according to the current situation or our understanding of it. It is similar to what happens when you splash water or a colored liquid on the ground, or on a canvas. Each time you splash, a random collection of shapes appears on the surface, which are unique and never the same. The same is true with our lives.

Each of us is like a splash of life-force on the canvas of life. Hence we are so different and unique. Your individuality is a gift. You are an idea of the universe which has manifested under right circumstances because its time has come. Many ideas may never manifest upon earth because the idea of earth's destruction may manifest before they manifest severely impact the chances of other ideas ever taking place. Your future is currently an idea. Its physical manifestation depends upon how you influence its probable course with your thoughts and actions.

Each living being is unique and never like another. You never know whether you will have children or grandchildren and how they may look. Presentely they are but ideas, hidden in your intelligence or consciousness. However, according to your genetic composition and otehr factors, you may estimate possiblities or probabilities. It is all you can do. In fact, it is all anyone can do, even Nature. It is how life proceeds along the uncharted paths of probabilities and possibilities, creating hope and expectation, but never certainty.

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