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The Best Designs - Features a gallery of selected Web designs updated weekly, design resources and articles. - Graphical index of thousands of the best web page designs, categorized and fully searchable. User submissions encouraged.

Design Project - Exhibition of the best in design. Contains works of many of the world's top designers, reviews, interviews, and tutorials.

Internet Vibes - Illustrated directory of well-designed sites with rating system. Features an online community, tutorials and downloads.

Vianet Website of the Day - Daily selection with a brief review of each site.


Web Digest For Marketers - Online strategist Larry Chase reviews marketing sites launched by Fortune 1000 companies.

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids - From the American Library Association. ALA children's librarians evaluate web sites to find the best for kids and parents.

Bedford Public Library Best of the Web - Prepared by the Reference Department at the Bedford, New Hampshire Public Library

Black Stump - Learn about new sites, search engines, cool sites, Australiana.

Bonzer Web Sites of the Week - The best of independent content sites from around the 'net.

CyberScribbles - Weekly review of 5-7 family-friendly websites. Online edition of Paula McHugh's print column from the Beacher Weekly Newspaper.

ECO-PROS Great Links - Ecology education site for children features scientific links to help kids learn about the earth sciences.

Education World Site Reviews - Monthly reviews of educational web sites.

The Flash Gallery - Reviews and rates some of the best Flash sites. Best of the Web - The best business sites reviewed by the editors at Forbes magazine. Updated weekly and archived.

Hawaii's Best Drives and Sites - Monthly list of the best Hawaiian sights, drives and websites.

Jewelry Days - Web Gems - Reviews of informational gem and jewelry sites.

Linky and Dinky - Linky tends to choose culturally enriching, "brainier" sites. Dinky often veers off into the bizarre, grotesque and far-fetched. Newsletter available.

Mac's Picks of the Week - A collection of family-friendly interesting and useful sites, updated weekly.

Media Man Australia - Site Reviews - Reviews of media related sites with an Australian flavor, from Greg Tingle.

Michigan eLibrary Best of the Web - Sites in twenty-eight categories as selected by professional librarians.

New York Public Library Best of the Web - Catalog of reviewed sites as selected by the librarians at the New York Public Library

PheedCentral - Reviews of tools and techniques for using RSS, blog and other content sharing strategies.

San Diego's Monthly Best of The Web - A monthly selection of great resources and interesting sites focusing on the San Diego area. - Reviews websites and recognizes those that show great professionalism in design and content.

Slot Machine Fan's Best of the Web - Reviews of the most useful and educational slot machine web sites.

Surfing the Net with Kids - Syndicated newspaper columnist Barbara J. Feldman reviews educational websites for families and teachers.

USA Today Tech Space - A daily look at net culture, web sites news and notes from the world of technology.

Web Reviews - Website Reviews - Best websites reviewed on the internet

Web Search Advisor - Weekly Web Watch Newsletter with web site reviews. - Weekly email and Web-based index of reviews. It includes only the Net's best Web sites, archives and discussion groups.

Wow Web Designs - Database of web design reviews with screen shots. Users can rate and review entries. Designer and tool directories, articles. - Showcases inspirational designs and features a 'Site of the Week'. Users may submit sites.

Yahoo Picks - Features 5-10 new sites each week, with capsule reviews of each.

Selective Link Lists

Alan's Eclectic Links - Categorized list of personal favorites.

Alan's Sorted Hotlist - List of categorized, personal favorites.

Ally Source - Short list of interesting websites.

Ask Johnnys Website - Listed on the pages of this website are internet tools and free information about software and internet tools that the author has fond useful over the years.

Beesker - It selects informative, reliable and clearly presented websites.

Best of the Web - Electronic library of selected sites by Nebraska Library Commision.

Best of the Web - Australia - A directory of Australian reference and commercial sites.

Brett's Investment Links - Investment and financial information sites.

The Catalogue of Catalogues - 150 web catalogues, plus 68 regional link lists.

Cludr - A simple list of popular sites.

CrowdFound - A people powered content discovery engine for a diverse range of topics.

DayDate Site - Website of the day list.

December - Selects 5 good sites in 20 categories.

Directory of Special Internet Web Sites - Links to live webcams, virtual tours, photographs, and information from sites around the world.

Freedom Circle - Categorized directory of topics related to freedom and liberty.

GZZT - Categorized list and directory of useful sites and free online services.

Hotlist - Categorized bookmarks and various Top 5 lists. Includes arts, fantasy, and philosophy.

Kiwibeak - Categorized bookmarks, links, and websites to free, useful sites on the web

Lifefile - Categorized list of links with an emphasis on UK-based sites.

Linksgiving - Searchable high quality directory of user-submitted favourite links. Visitors may vote for topics to get submissions. Home of the Weekly Link Award.

LinksQuick - Single page web portal with links to news, shopping, e-zines, search engines, email and other services.

LOL - Uncategorized list of interesting and useful links in blog format. Includes archives and newsletter.

Lunchtime Links - Links to news, entertainment, reference and other interesting sites with a UK emphasis.

Must See Sites - User submitted listings, both free and "premium". Search-capable but not categorized.

Naceo - Categorized list of creative and original links.

Neobk - Linking portal with useful links, articles and videos categorized.

NiceSite - A categorized directory of selected sites from the internet ranked by user voting.

PDA Portal - A directory of PDA-friendly web sites. Meant to be used as the browser home page on Palm, PocketPC or other PDAs with wireless internet access.

QikLinx - Categorized list of personal favorites.

Rayvigator - Categorized links to fun, educational and useful web sites.

Robin's FYI - Family-safe links in ten categories.

Rude66 - Links to sites with the number 66 in name or URL.

Sites - Top websites listed in over 150 different categories.

Smart Links - Family friendly directory of selected Web Sites.

5 Star Favorites - Categorized links to important information sites, all accessible through two mouse clicks.

Startfrom - A site for new web users and families with recommended links to fun and useful websites, beginners guides and playable games.

SteviesTV - Links covering a variety of topics, including fun, information and advice sites.

Sue's Best Links - Compact list of links in nine general categories.

Surfbored - Uncategorized list of useful, entertaining and unusual sites.

Temos - Selected links for science, technology and reference.'s A-List - Bare links to featured sites by category.

WebLocate - Focused on business and financial sites.

WiseCat - Categorised sites with an emphasis on UK information, plus links to resources of worldwide interest.

Zoinkies! - Categorized list of selected links with brief descriptions.

Top Lists

100 Best Online - Review-based list of sites, ranked by style, usability, and content.

100 Best Websites - Noncommercial sites listing 100 sites, selected based on 21 criteria of excellence.

Choice Review - Provides a top 10 directory and reviews of the top choices in a variety of popular subjects. - Provides the 100 most relevant Web sites for each major category, selected, edited and ranked by professional editors.

7 in1 Best of the Web - 700 hand-picked sites in 26 categories.

Net Top 20 - Annotated list of the top 20 sites in multiple categories.

PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites - Top 100 websites that break new ground in one of 10 categories. Sites are updated every 100 days. - Lists the 10 of the best sites in ten categories

Surf Directions - A top list of the best web sites on the Internet, sorted by the visitors' votes.

Top 10 Links - Top 10 Web sites organized in 14 top-level categories with over 1000 sub-categories.

Top of Everything - Selects the top 11 sites in a number of categories.

Top Ten Web Sites - Personal Top ten web sites on differents categories. - Lists the top five sites in twenty key categories.

TopTenSites - Lists the top 10 sites in various key categories. - List of the editors' favorite 100 sites on the Web, arranged in 10 useful categories.

Site Awards

The Academy Of Fine Awards - Comprehensive awards program with multiple levels. Site includes detailed criteria, status tracking and a resource center.

ACE Awards - Offers free awards to all sites for creativity in Web site design.

AdesAward - Award for creative Web design and unique content. Includes basic criteria and winners list.

The Amateur Webmaster Awards - Two award levels offered to amateur webmasters.

American Design Awards - Monthly and annual awards for individual Web designers and graphic design firms. Includes detailed criteria and winners list.

Antique Collector Award - Award graphics for information-based sites. Full criteria listed and images may be personalized.

Ass Kickin' Music Website Award - Offers awards to music Web sites for classic rock, southern rock, rock & roll, heavy metal, blues, and jazz

Aussie Awards - Index of awards offered by Australian-based sites. Awards listed in 13 different categories.

Awards By EternitE - Reviews for seven awards that recognize hard work and diligent effort in website creation.

Awards Scoop - Information site developed by the Web Awards Community. Features a detailed history of Web awards, articles on the topic and a comprehensive FAQ.

Bontane Awards - Program with four award levels based on design, structure, and content of applicant sites. Includes criteria, scoring process and a winners list.

Breton Award - Multiple award categories with simple criteria. Site includes basic requirements, application form and winners list.

The Butterfly Site Award - Award graphic for well-designed family-safe sites with easy navigation.

Christine's Creations Award - Awards in five categories with no posted criteria.

Cloclo's Awards. - Multiple awards for general excellence based on minimal criteria and discretionary judging.

Diamond in the Patty Award - Recognition for sites that feature reviews. Minimal criteria includes requirement that sites be English language, created by non-professionals and maintain good layout.

Diehl Design Awards - Awards given to sites reflecting creativity and general excellence. No posted criteria.

The Drivel Award - Awarded to sites that feature light-hearted content. No other posted criteria.

EOTL Awards - Four free awards that only require Webmaster notification.

Excellence Community Web Site Award - Recognizing Web sites with a local community slant. Evaluated on quality of family-friendly, local content and ease of navigation.

Favourite Website Awards (FWA) - Program focused on cutting-edge technology and creativity. Applicants must feature original content.

HIV/AIDS Web Award - Hosted award graphic for related sites. Requires reciprocal link to program's search engine.

Horizon Interactive Awards - Annual interactive awards competition that recognizes excellence in interactive media production which includes websites, cd-roms, DVDs, and webcasting.

Iakamai Web Award - Fee-based awards for Hawaii-related Web Sites. Point system requires innovation, easy navigation and a useful service to visitors.

The International Web Page Awards - Independent festival of graphic artists and web designers meeting to judge and evaluate each others creativity on the internet.

iQuality Content Award - Program from the Student Media Network awarding sites with outstanding content.

IRC WebWatchers Awards - Multiple awards for IRC-related sites. Includes detailed criteria and winners list.

JPM's Tagged Site of the Week - Noteworthy sites that feature JPM initials somewhere on their pages.

JY Entertainment Website Awards - Multiple award levels for personal and commercial sites. Five basic criteria determine winners.

Kara Art Awards - Award program for sites related to art. Four award levels based on quality, originality and relevance.

King For A Week - Weekly award for Flash sites only. Includes list of previous winners.

KOSA Awards - Award program for well-designed sites with dynamic content. Includes detailed criteria, online application and winners list.

The Lida Rose Award of Excellence - Awarded to personal Web sites only. Limited criteria judged at Webmaster's discretion.

Maestro Awards of Excellence - Program evaluates site excellence and presentation in a number of categories and subjects. Also includes tutorials, articles about awards and a free awards organizer.

The Marketing Web Awards - Awards program focused on sites providing quality, valuable resources in marketing. Includes three levels plus special awards.

The Mindspan Award - Program that awards sites for insightful thought and intelligence. Site access requires a non-standard plug-in.

Misty's Diamond Award - Award for excellent non-commercial website design. Minimal criteria requires reciprocal link.

Nancy's Celtic Awards - Program for sites that present the Celtic culture in an informative, entertaining and educational context.

Orion SuperZ Awards - Awards available for sites from India. Detailed criteria with points system.

People's Pick of the Week - Sites selected in a weekly vote of WebbieWorld visitors.

Perfect Vision Website Awards - Award program with three levels of criteria. Includes online application, evaluation status and winners list.

Sacred Feminine Award - Graphics awarded to sites that promote healing, love and peace.

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards - Awards for sites which focus on user empowerment, open-source applications and emerging web technologies.

Star Awards - Offering eight awards for family oriented sites that show time and effort.

Student Web Awards - Web design awards for middle and high school students. Includes detailed entry information and judging criteria plus areas for teachers and media.

2005 Technology Impact Awards - The Technology Impact Awards is a premier awards program devoted to promoting and celebrating innovation and high-tech excellence.

Tomb of Doom Awards - Offers 7 awards to sites, for design, graphics and overall excellence.

Triumph PC Webdesign Award - Monthly award based on overall aesthetic quality and design execution. - Offers award for ugly Web design of commercial sites.

WD Awards - Comprehensive award program for excellence in web design. Includes detailed rules, online application and winners list.

Web Development Excellence Award - Award regognizes effort in Web development, using advanced concepts in design, coding and graphics. Minimal criteria listed on site.

WebAward Competition - The Web Marketing Association's award for overall excellence. Entries are submitted by interactive agencies or marketing and e-commerce departments worldwide. Site includes criteria, judges profiles, entry form and winners list.

Webby Awards - The leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet including Websites, interactive advertising and online film and video.

Web-Site-Awards - Features the Good Internet Citizenship Badge to honor webmasters who fulfill award requirements.

Win An Award - Eight awards offered for general excellence and specific categories. Includes basic criteria and submission form.

XAM Project Award - Individual award for general site excellence. Includes simple criteria and online application.

Rated Awards

Animation Playhouse Award Program - Offers gold, silver, bronze and merit awards for sites that excel in design, content and navigation. Rating AS! 3.5

Artabus Awards - Three levels of awards for art-related sites. Rating AS! 2.5

Beacon Awards - Recognizing non-commercial sites which provide positive content and valuable resources. Features four levels plus site-of-the-year award. Rating: AS! 5, WA 5, WTA

Beehive Awards - Comprehensive program for general Web excellence focused on useful content. Separate awards for sites based in South Central Indiana, the State of Indiana and all others beyond the state. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA, WA 10.3 (Retired)

BigEye Award Program - Three-tiered program plus an annual award. Winners based on innovative design, interesting content, easy navigation, and quick load time. Rated AS! 5, WTA

BT Design Awards - Rewarding sites with educational and resource value. Six individual awards are available, including three for general excellence plus art, music and movies. Ratings: AS! 5.0, WTA

Circus World Awards - Five levels for overall excellence, including Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit plus a Designer award for non-English websites. Detailed criteria, self test and resources. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA

Classics Award of Excellence - Four awards of excellence to personal and business sites that show skill in design, navigation and content. Rated: AS! 3.0, UWSAG 2.0

Comedy Zone Cool Site Awards - Multiple awards are available for well-designed sites with entertaining content. Rating: AS! 3.0

Copacabana Runners Heart & Soul Award - Program based in Brazil that recognizes the achievements of webmasters who put Heart and Soul into their sites. English and Portuguese language sites may apply. Rating: AS! 4.0 (Retired)

Critics Choice Awards - Recognition for sites that demonstrate a high caliber of proficiency in content, graphic art, and value to society. Contains detailed criteria and tutorials. Rating: AS! 5.0 (retired)

DAGA International Awards - Award based on the graphics originality and quality. Rating AS! 5.0

The DRH Design Award - Offers award for individuals or groups that exhibit creativity in overall design, content, functionality, and appeal. Rating: AS! 3.5.

4 Elements Award - Awards for excellence in graphics, art, content and/or design. Multiple levels with individual criteria for each. Rating: AS! 4.5, UWSAG 5, WA 10

Geetha's Web Design Awards - Offers four levels of awards for superior design. Site also contains webmaster resources. Rating: AS! 5.0 (Retired)

Groundzero Design Award - Award for sites that display excellence of flow, creativity and content. Rating: AS! 4.5

Inukshuk Awards - Multi-level program to showcase sites based on high quality content and presentation. Contains detailed criteria and a self-test. Rating: AS! 4.5

JerryD's Music Site Award Program - Offers seven awards, including a general one with three levels along with others for design, content, flash, award sites, non-English, and music based websites. Rating AS! 4.5

Korea Award - Three levels for quality of content with style plus a site-of-the-year award. Offers free graphics and other resources including information about Korea. Rated: AS! 4.0, WA 10*, UWSAG 5, EAI 4, WTA

Korea Orchid Award - Three levels to recognize sites that combine imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain. Includes detailed criteria, self-test and winners list. Rated: AS! 5.0, WA 10, UWSAG 4, EAI 4

Ladder54 Website Awards - Seven-tiered program for general excellence in design and content and separate categories for firefighting and related content. Rating: AS! 3.0.

Lakota Wolf Web Design Award - Multiple awards based on design and navigation. Includes specific criteria and winners list. Rated: AS! 2.5

Learning Fountain Elite - Award for commercial sites only that qualify under one of five categories and meet 6 separate criteria. Rating: AS! 5.0

Lone Star Site Design Award - Offers three award levels for outstanding design, content and accessibility. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA (retired)

Medals of Excellence - Awards three levels to sites that display expertise in areas of informative and tasteful content, technology, design and navigation. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA

Mesweet's Award Site - Offers four awards for exceptional site content. Scoring is based on a point system. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA (Retired)

Nem5 Awards Program - Awards are presented to Web sites displaying the highest standards of excellence in original design. Detailed criteria determine four award levels. 11 other individual category awards are also available. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA

Pacoima Ranch Vision Award - Single level based on general site excellence. Contains basic criteria and winners list. Rating: AS! 3.0.

Pirelli INTERNETional Award - Annual international multimedia award for sites related to science and technology. Features rules, jury profiles, previous winners and online application. Rating AS! 5.0

Reach for the Stars Award - Offers gold, silver and bronze awards for personal and business websites which have excellent design, content and navigation. Rated: AS! 3.0, WA 1.0

Red Stag Awards - Four levels of awards for personal and commercial sites. Detailed criteria for functionality, design and content with standardized scoring. Site also includes resources and tutorials. Rating: AS! 4.5 (retired)

StarSite Award - Award program with few winners, focused on cutting-edge design and development. Detailed criteria on site includes a self-test. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA (Retired)

Surfers Choice Awards - Fee-based program with multiple tiers. No submissions are accepted from GeoCities, Tripod, Angel Fire or domains that resolve to them. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA.

Talking Hands Award - Award program for sites focused on teaching and learning. Sites must be nominated for consideration. Includes detailed criteria and scoring. AS! Rated 5.0

Thomas Sims Graves Award Program - Offers four levels of awards that can be won plus a Diamond Award that is discretionary. Rating AS! 3.5, WA 3

Tim's Spider Awards - Award program with four levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit for talent and creativity. Rating AS! 5, WA 4, EAI 5, UWSAG 5, WTA

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards - Comprehensive award program with a focus on outstanding content. Includes detailed criteria and disqualifiers, self test, online application and winners list. Rated: AS! 4.5

Vision Site Design Awards - Offers Supreme, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Criteria include stunning design, sense of balance, ease of navigation and site optimization. AS! Rated 4.0

Web Design Poet Award - Awarding sites with unique designs and creative solutions. Contains basic criteria and nomination form. Rating: AS! 3.5

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