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Application Rental Guide - A searchable directory of web-based apps and application service providers (ASP) arranged by price, reviews, ratings, and hits.

ASP Greeting Card Starter Kit - Web developer software to add professional greeting cards with pictures and music to your ASP website. One hundred percent open source and customizable.

ASP-Directory - A searchable directory of Application Service Providers and hosted business applications. ASP-Directory provides a comprehensive listing of industry leading hosted software solutions.

Checkbook Register Online - A free program to manage, balance, and update one's checkbook online.

How Stuff Works: Application Service Providers - Explanation of what an application service provider is. Includes current examples and a guide on how to select an ASP.

Link Leecher - A free online utility designed to grab and validate all the links from a web page.

Object Workshop - Sanity is a software tool to design and depict relational database structures using the entity-relationship diagramming notation. - Application Service Provider that develops and hosts online interactive reports that can be viewed over the internet and exported to PDF, Excel, CSV, and other formats.

Zoho - Offers a suite of online web applications geared towards increasing productivity and easy collaboration. Office tools include a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, hosted wiki, notebook, mail, and CRM.

Slashdot | Articles | Applications Service Providers May Change Your Life - Discussion of Jim Seymour's article. (November 8, 1999)

Applications for Rent - - A new breed of intermediaries, the Application Service Providers, is redefining the IT landscape. (November 1, 1999)

Application service providers: An old idea made new - The introduction of outsourced Web-based shared resource business applications has returned us to the bygone days of service bureaus and time-sharing. (August 23, 1999)

Application Service Providers and e-business - John Morency of Network World Fusion talks about the rapid growth and increasing potential of ASPs. (May 7, 1999)

Bookmark Managers

Backflip - Automatically organizes personal bookmarks into a searchable hierarchical directory.

BibSonomy - A social bookmark and publication sharing system that supports BibTeX. - Bookmarks may be sorted into folders, and shared with the public. Supports importing of links and features a point-awarding program for visiting recommended sites.

BlinkTo - Allows to customize the appearance of each bookmark. - A social bookmarks manager that allows categorization via custom tags. Offers several tools to share content, including synchronization with a weblog.

Bookie - An experimental application which keeps all your bookmarks on a central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web, using a variety of clients.

Bookkit - The service features update tracker, link validation, and a browser synchronizer plug-in.

Bookmark Commando - Checks to ensure links are still valid.

Bookmark Factory - Access your bookmarks from any browser on any computer. Includes a bookmarklet for quick filing.

Bookmark Online - Free bookmark management service available in French and English.

Bookmark Tracker - Tree-style interface allows exporting to browsers and e-mail. - Organizer for bookmarks, calendar, diary and knowledge. - Free bookmark manager to access and share your bookmarks online.

Connectedy - Allows to create personal lists of links.

Favorites Manager ASP - A server-side, multiuser, web application that provides all the visual tools needed for the creation, editing, import and export of a hierarchical collection of links.

Favoritoo - Graphical interface and autologin.

Feed Me Links - Stores bookmarks online so you can find them anywhere. Allows to tag links to keep them organized.

File It Free - Offers import/export of bookmarks and tree-style view. - Allows public and private lists, which may be created from a template or from scratch.

Furl - Save, share and recall anything you find online.

Icon Island - The bookmarks can be saved as icon links. - Offers services for individuals, businesses, and schools. Features include the ability to make bookmarks public, and to arrange them in a tour to present them in sequence.

Jots - A collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to store, share and discover relevant links.

Link - Allows to store personal links with a small description.

linkaGoGo - Supports importing and exporting, folders, and allows users to customize the appearance of their pages.

Link2Mark - Bookmarks may be imported and exported, and WAP access is available.

Linkroll - The social bookmark manager allows to tag, annotate and sort the public links.

Magadoo - Offers public and private accounts, individually styled linklists, import/export of bookmarks, statistics and a search function.

MyBookmarks - Bookmarks may be imported, organized, and exported.

myHq - Ad-free site allows colors and fonts to be customized, links to be exported, and bookmarks to be made public.

myVmarks - Organizes sites in a tree-type directory and allows them to be made public. Communities for sharing sites allowed.

NetFav - Saves the entire content of the web-page and can be used either with the downloadable toolbar or by signing in on the web page.

Ol'Bookmarks Manager - Lets you access, manage, organize, and share your personal bookmarks through a web-based interface. This project is released under the GNU GPL license.

Online Bookmarks - Store, manage, and browse bookmarks categorised by theme.

Online Favourites - Offers a notepad, community groups, and WAP access.

Onlinebookmarks - Offers web-based bookmark manager with SiteBar integration.

Philoi - Person-to-person link sharing community. Save bookmarks and share links with your friends.

Qindex - Allows direct access to the bookmark collection.

The Renegade Troll - Ad-free manager with customizable views. Display your bookmarks on one webpage, sorted by category.

Rosegardens - Javascript-based bookmark manager.

Save This - Allows access from any Web-enabled wireless device and permits corporate users to link to co-workers' bookmarks.

Save Your Links - Hosts bookmarks collections in a password protected area.

Seeknit - Users can create bookmarks directly from search results, and organize in hierarchical folders.

Shockstart - Bookmarks can be organized in folders.

SiteBar - A bookmark server intended for both personal and enterprise usage with integration to most current browsers. Offers granular security mechanism, import/export, drag and drop, and skins. [Open source, GPL]

SiteJot - Store and manage all your bookmarks online. - Keeps all your sites and site visits in one place. Many features to help organize and personalize the collection.

Sparkhive - Store your bookmarks, help structure your ideas and keep them permanently accessible, from anywhere. - Store and access again all the interesting pages you find on the web from any Internet connected computer.

Sync2It - Uses client-side syncing software to generate a web-based collection of bookmarks. - Allows anyone to find educational resources with a tagging system. Results are displayed in real-time, without page refreshes, making the site interactive.

TrackEngine - An online bookmark system that alerts of content changes to those bookmarked sites via email.

UpSave - Allows one-click adding while browsing the web and searching of bookmarked links.

Users - Create web based favorites with username and password hints, share organizers, send email reminders.

Whitelinks - The free service uses standard SSL encryption.

Wists - Social community based on bookmarked websites. Install a bookmarklet then begin building your lists of things on the web with automatic thumbnail image links.

wURLdBook - Navigate, collect, categorize, annotate and find bookmarks online.

Yahoo! Bookmarks - Allows users to import bookmarks and organize them into folders. Also offers a toolbar to add into the browser.

Yoghurt - The bookmarks can be viewed, edited and added in a simple browser window.

Znail - Stores bookmarks and files.


Appointments Plus - Provides solutions for online scheduling and time billing. Synchronizes with your desktop calendar and address book. Accessible for your clients via browser, cell phone, PDA and RIM Blackberry pager.

Aufrance Associates - Commercial web calendar software for sale or hosting.

Availability Calendars - Our on-line availability calendar is state of the art with immediate real time updates. It's like having a 24 hour 7 day a week reservation assistant.

Availcheck Availability Calendars - Four calendar options to suit all users, from the individual who wants a single calendar for their home website to the webmaster who wants to create multiple calendars using Perl or SQL. - Instantly generate perpetual or birthday calendars with your own images.

Brown Bear Software - Provides web calendar solutions for Windows and Unix servers.

Calendars Net - Free interactive web calendars for seamless integration into an existing web site. Enhanced, nested calendar systems also available.

Connect Daily - Allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a web browser. The calendar can be directly integrated into your web site, is customizable, and is fully controlled through a web browser

Dates - Web event calendar and scheduling service. Provides calendars to your web site for your visitors, with searching, sorting, and visitor-interaction built in. All you do is enter events into a short web page form.

eCal - Internet calendar engine used by many online calendar providers.

Educe ASP Calendar - Provide events for your website or use as a front end for any application that uses dates and data storage.

Gawpus Personal Information Manager - A complete online personal information manager. Calendar, email, contacts, notes, tasks, bookmarks and file storage. All online and all free.

Great Hill Corporation - Provides server-based calendar and scheduling software. Hosting available.

Groveware Technologies Inc. - Web-based calendars and scheduling software for organizations of any size.

HTMLCal - Software allows users to create calendars for the web or Intranets.

Hunt Calendars - Free calendars for individuals and groups. Can send e-mail reminders prior to events.

iaCalendar - Internet calendar server and hosting services for community websites and calendar software solutions for the enterprise.

Kb Calendar 4.2 - Professional public or private internet calendar web site plug-in. No HTML programming necessary. - Provides free calendars to integrate with existing websites.

My Online Organiser - Offers reminders via email or text messages to mobile phones, address book, a notepad, and a live countdown.

MyAppointments - Professional web-based diary and contact manager for businesses with a mobile or distributed workforce featuring shared diaries, contacts, tasks, reminders, and messages.

Netscape Calendar - Personal calendar tracks appointments, weather, horoscope, and events.

Proverbs Web Calendar - Customizable web calendar developed using PHP and MySQL. Calendar is viewed in month format. Popup window details events as they are clicked on. Title and colors are customizable and the application can be modified to work with other database types.

ScheduleOnline - Scheduling and collaboration for businesses, including options for use over an Intranet. CalendarApp - A free, web-based, interactive, customizable, calendar application for your website.

SmartCal - Cobranded calendar for integration into existing websites.

SuperCalendar - Personal and group scheduling service with emphasis on service to non-profit and affinity organizations.

Time Trade - Rules based appointment scheduling for corporations, service businesses, government, call centers, and higher education.

TimeHighway - Provides online booking appointments, reservations, scheduling and agenda for businesses and their customers.

WebEvent - Calendar and scheduling solution includes services for group and personal scheduling, event publishing, and resource management.

XMLO Online Calendar - A free LifeStyle calendar. Includes a dictionary, thesaurus, and weather info. Most search engines are also replicated on this site.

Yahoo! Calendar - Offers public and private event scheduling, to-do lists, weather, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Palm devices.

Zirgo Calendar Printing Program - Free calendar printing program. Download software to print 1 to 6 month calendars per page.

Content Management

Adepteo - Internet based solutions to create, manage, and distribute information in multiple languages to varied device classes including iMode, Wap, Web, PDA, SMS, Voice and XML based clients.

aeNovo - Content management service for site maintenance and uploading files from a browser. Knowledge of FTP is not required. Offers free trial.

Alentus - Provides high-speed site hosting services, including support for SQL Server, Access, ASP/COM, and Java-enabled web applications.

Ant-Edit - Hosted content management with editing tool that allows anybody to easily change text, links and photos on their web site. Product feature information and online demo. - Specializes in providing services to companies and individuals who need customized web site development to manage organization's documentation. Provide database development to manage catalogs and directories, site content management, and administration.

Atlas Works LLC - A Web based, database-driven CMS with WYSIWYG editing and a staging area with revision control. Modules include member list, password management, and a fully integrated e-commerce system.

BouncingFish - Offers cost-effective web solutions that meet the immediate needs of clients while being easy to maintain and scalable for the future.

BuildPAL - Offers domain registration and subdomain options. Browser-based editing.

CadinalWare - Website content management and information distribution. Create and publish Web pages, digital brochures, and email messages. Features a file manager, calendar, and e-commerce tools.

Canvas Dreams - Web/WAP Site Manager enables individuals and businesses to internally manage and publish content to their Web sites, without the need of a webmaster.

Catalog Maker - Specializes in custom development of online applications ranging from e-commerce and web shows to portable multimedia presentation.

CDI Solutions - DEPLOY is a hosted content management solution. Centrally managed templates, workflow, content scheduling, and a page archiving option.

Civic Computing - Civic Content Control lets authors and content specialists update web sites without the need for internet skills.

Click and Build 4 You - Offers website design, management, and hosting. E-commerce snap-in, visitors compiled into address book for emailing.

Clickability - Provides web content management, interactivity, and navigation software.

ClickFrog - A hosted system with mailing lists, calendars, and fill-in forms.

CMScontrol - Platform for developing, management and deployment web content.

Coastdigital Limited - Hosting service offers content management built on ColdFusion framework.

Cogran Systems - Template-based web publishing, with content scheduling and priority ranking.

CommPro - Build and maintain web content from any computer using a web browser, without knowing code or using specialty software. Role based administration.

Company Studio - Includes shopping cart support. Browser-based editing. Also offers graphic design and promotion assistance.

Conductor - A web based content management solution to edit and publish website content in real time focusing on ease of use and streamlining workflow processes.

ConnectSite - ASP offering a collaboration and content management solution powered by Documentum.

Content Technology Solutions - Helping publishers deliver content on the Web and on CD-ROM, from data conversion and text mark-up to developing e-publishing solutions.

Coravue - Targets marketing communications for one-to-one Web and e-mail marketing using personalization and relationship marketing.

cre8MAXX - A content management solution for private and business websites.

Crossbow Media - Crossbow Web is a hosted suite of applications enabling non-technical people to maintain content on their web sites without the need for any web authoring or graphic design expertise.

CrownPeak Technology - Advantage CMS is a web content management system that combines enterprise-level power and flexibility, with the cost and speed-of-implementation of a hosted software application.

CurrentStock - Manage product/stock catalogs online. No download or install needed.

CVA - Offers hosting with eBuilder software, including support for product pages and shopping carts. Also offers graphic design services.

Darren Brown's Desktop Solutions - Site-Ezy is an online website management system, which enables businesses to build and fully maintain a website in-house without any technical knowledge.

The Database Canvas - Hosting with banners, calendars, mailing lists, MP3, site skins.

Daxko - Providers of Member ST and Website ST, for managing content and users.

Digital Junction Australia - An end to end e-Business solution based on the convergence of a fully dynamic, content-managed e-Commerce facility, integrated into the client's financial system.

Digital Jungle - Safari Content Server hosts and manages content, which is then deployed as static pages to existing websites on any ISP, including Digital Jungle.

Digital-Word Ltd - The Shapeshifter CMS is an industrial-strength content management system that is resilient, scaleable and has an easy-to-use interface throughout.

Dream Team Technologies - Application service provider offers a professional web presence without the cost of a professional web staff.

DynaContent - Hosted content management and e-commerce. Professional web designers offering search engine optimization and promotions.

Easisites - Browser-based editing using templates. Offers domain name registration, search engine submission, and file downloads.

Easysite - Easily design and publish websites online with web content management software and hosting. Free trial available.

EasySite Manager - Offering web site content management software and hosting services. No special knowledge, HTML editing experience, or web developers are needed.

Edeptive - Includes e-commerce, personalisation and about 20 application modules. Available as both a hosted and a licensed application.

eDirectHost - Offers basic and e-commerce hosting, message boards, and statistics. Includes tools for creating navigation graphics.

Edit My Site Online - System lets designers and developers add content management to sites on a per-page basis. Add one line of HTML. Browser-based WYSIWYG editor easily edits text and graphics. - A website hosting service that provides an easy to use system for creating and maintaining websites.

eDocuments Live - Content management and revenue generation web application for community newspapers, associations and radio stations. Offers case studies, demo, and product feature list.

Edsyndicate - An integrated service that runs and manages websites for schools, organizations, and businesses. Choice of looks and color schemes.

Emerald Media - Solutions for the publishing industry allow non-technical users to create and manage content.

Essemble - 100% browser-based, affordable system, e-mail marketing tool, e-commerce engine, and document repository.

G-forces - NetDirector is a hosted solution that provides companies with a way to internally manage the content of their website, intranet and extranet.

Global Web Software, Inc. - Web Wizard has a WYSIWYG online browser-based website editor and includes banner ads, a calendar publisher, cascading style sheets, meta tags, and newsletters. Online demo.

GoControl - A hosting service with a content editor. Includes email, and website management for one monthly rate.

iBlurbs - A hosted, web content management system with a WYSIWYG editor.

ID Communications Limited - Provide enterprise-level content and document management solutions delivered as a web service.

immediaC - i-Web Suite is a hosted CMS.

IMS SiteManager - A hosted management application that uses smart database technology to store and manage website content.

Intergage - Hosted rich text editing, product catalogue/e-commerce capabilities, and in-built search engine optimisation technologies.

Iprosite - Hosting service offers a web-based content management tool with WYWSIWYG editor, file manager, custom user registration form, news management, shopping cart, image galleries, polls, messaging center, custom forms to email, random quotes, hit counter, and dynamic menus.

Jamkit - Specialists in affordable solutions for the non-profit sector. WebFactory provides a WYSIWYG editor.

kdh WebSolutions - Offers domain name registration, e-commerce, surveys, and graphics uploads. - A hosting service in Australia offers e-business CMS and database design Internet solutions, using PostgreSQL.

Littoralis - Hosted document management and archive systems. Add, edit and delete content from a desktop.

Maestro CMS - A hosted system, with monthly subscriptions available for small business or enterprise.

Metaverse - A hosted .NET native content management system which uses Web services and integrates with MS Office. Free trial accounts are available.

mikrogroove - Web site design company specializing in database driven content management systems. Services include: Online marketing, Flash design, usability testing and web hosting. Agency based in London UK.

Mind Your Own Web Site - A hosting service offers management of dynamic databases and forms, events calendar, products list, registration system, membership lists, rates tables, links, frequently asked questions, and articles.

Moshen Media - Offers Write Now, a tool for content management, as well as creative services.

nBranch - Skinnable catalog and content management with multi-language support, site search, and user administration.

NETON8 - NETON8 is the online website builder and content manager that builds great-looking, easy-to-update, search-engine-friendly websites. Quick, easy and affordable web design, hosting, promotion and search engine submission. - Provider of interactive communication and collaboration solutions for creating, hosting, and managing community-enabled B2B or B2C e-business web sites, portals, or special-interest web communities.

NextEdit Web Editor - Hosted, browser-based WYSIWYG editor with basic CMS features. No installation or download required.

Norvax - SiteLever is a hosted content management tool for event calendar, news, reviews, press releases, job postings, catalogs, picture gallery, and statistics.

Olive e-Business - An e-business solution provider that offers web design, hosting solutions, internet marketing, customised applications for the internet and e-business solutions.

OmniUpdate - WebsiteASP hosts sites with OmniEdit and OmniUpdate WYSIWYG editing.

OnlineBizBuilder - Basic and e-commerce options with free trial. Also offers search engine optimization.

OwenProCo - Domain assistance, Flash animations, counters and feedback tools, and e-commerce services.

PortalApp - Open source CMS with WYSIWYG editing, user management and web-based administration tools to control content sections, categories and design and layout.

Power Site Factory - Offers domain names, email hosting, calendars, surveys, and statistics.

Publish2Go - Any web site, hosted anywhere and developed with any type of tool, can integrate dynamic content managed with workflow, activation and expiration dates, templates, style sheets, and content field definitions.

Putty - A content management system for small business and personal web sites with support image gallery, link gallery, web site statistics.

Quikpixel - Solution for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals which enables the user to easily create and edit their own website. Free trial.

RapidWeb - A web hosting service offers an open-source MySQL-based content management system.

S.E.O. Technologies - Content management system that controls the content, appearance and navigation of a company's web site.

Servatrix Limited - Provider of hosted web-based business applications such as time collection, billing and website content management.

Sibox - A web solution for small and medium business or personal websites includes modules for managing site structure, content, images, and an e-shop. By SoftImpression.

Site Wizard - Offers calendars, interactive content, site search, and newsletters. Free trial available.

SiteGalore - For service providers and hosting companies to offer online site creation services to clients. Include Flash, shopping, WAP, image editor. Site Note:Back button disabled trapping visitors.

SiteMaster - Web-based content management platform for easy web content management and publishing.

SiteRightNow - Domain name registration, e-commerce, statistics, and e-mail features.

SitesToGo - Offers domain name registration and browser-based updating. Also offers marketing assistance.

SiteStrux - Hosted content management.

Smartwebs - Providing a hosted, subscription based content management solution utilizing a word processor style WYSIWYG editor.

SofastWeb - Domain name registration, e-commerce, feedback form and guestbook, and calendar.

Spex - SelfManage offers a professional design service, site hosting and an easy to use content management system.

StructuredWeb - Templates and forms-based site-builder tools for businesses wishing to setup and manage a comprehensive web site.

TeamPortals - ICEbox is a hosted web content management application suite.

Terradon Communications Group - Website hosting service with WYSIWYG editing and content wizards for user management, events, newsletters, press releases, and shopping cart.

Two Blue Dots - A hosting service with a web content management system called Angazi. XML and XSLT.

UZIX - Self-service web newsletter publishing site. Visitor stats and opt-in signup, with password option.

VAiWebAdmin - Database-driven websites and web/database applications including advanced content management systems, intranet and extranet applications. Offers free customized websites to demo for 30 days.

Vision with Technology - Hosted content management solutions with eZ publish. Full design service including brand development and corporate literature.

Web Infos - Includes multimedia effects, domain name registration, counters, and search engine submission.

Web Presence Group - Offers hosted content management lease programs and applications.

Web Site Builder Interactive - Offers basic and e-commerce options, graphic and Flash tools, e-mail services, and search engine help.

WebDBX.COM - I-Design CMS offers on-the-fly graphics, Adobe PDF, data-mining and warehousing, global position mapping, content syndication, and multi-language capabilities.

Webfeet - Application service provider offering email and content management services.

WebOnTheFly - Customizable system for small business. HTML templates give designers creative control. One-stop solution includes hosting and any necessary custom development. - Hosted service using OmniUpdate, a browser-based tool allowing non-programmers to update existing web projects. - Includes file uploading and e-commerce. Free trial available.

WidgetSprocket - Includes shopping cart, product catalogue, hosting and web design skinning tool with integrated HTML Editor.

Wired Content - Offers Wired Desk, an independently hosted website content management subscription service that allows create, update and manage web pages.

WisePublisher - Provides hosted solutions for Internets, Intranet and Extranet sites. Free demos.


allmythings - Allows you to record your valuables online in a secure and private environment. Ideal for your insurance and estate planning needs.

Application Server Online - Create custom web databases for free. Including import/export options, user specific access rights, and secure connections.

Baseportal - Web-based database platform to support the creation of webpages. The design is customizable with templates.

Caspio Inc. - On-demand service for creating feature-rich web forms and applications fast and without programming and deploy them instantly on any web site.

1010data - Web-based service for analyzing, managing, sharing, publishing, and distributing data.

DBApp - Customizable, online database service which can be used for a variety of applications such as addressbooks, surveys, catalogs, and order forms.

eCriteria - A web-hosted database service for small business and corporate workgroups.

Intuit Quickbase - Web-based service that enables teams to easily design and use databases to gather, share and manage critical business information.

Konduit Inc. - Custom-built, secure web-based database service featuring column and rowlevel access control, audit history, linked tables, notifications, auto-responders, import and export, and rapid deployment. Online demo, features, and services.

Lightspoke - Web based database service that lets teams create and share customized business applications online. Includes ready-made solutions: Sales/CRM, IT Management, Bug Tracking and Project Management applications. - Securely synchronize your company’s data for access through WAP, HTML and XML automatically.

Qedata - Web based application building tool. Allows online databases to be created quickly and easily, entirely through your browser.

RVM Solutions, Ltd - Create a database on the Web. Choose from several templates.

TeamDesk - Web-based service that enables teams to easily design web based database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and manage business information.

Trilute - A web-based database application used by music departments and organizations to store, track and view information on their music libraries.

Younicycle - Younicycle allows you to draw, design, create forms, add text, add images directly from your desktop, add data and tables, personalize, print to pdf or save for view without using a desktop application. Multiple, simultaneous users are allowed, enabling real-time collaboration.

For Educators and Administrators

Aframe - Application to build tests. Test questions can be reused. - Offers online lessons in math and other subjects, quizzes immediately scored online, interactive student art gallery, and real-time homework help ideal for home schooling or self paced learning.

Central Question - Assessment software creation service with emphasis on accessibility and open standards. Makes Flash based, QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) tests that are compatible with SCORM and learning management systems.

Class Registration System - A web-based online registration system handles course offering, session schedules, fees, invoice, and payment processing. - A free communication tool for teachers, students and parents. Teachers build class or subject homepages, assignments and news that students and parents can subscribe to.

Classroom Connect - Provider of online and in-person K-12 learning services including curriculum, professional development, and adventure learning.

CleverIsland.Com - An educational subscription web site for children ages 3-7 worldwide. Designed by teachers and parents to provide a fun way to learn fundamental math, reading and computer skills.

Criterion - Criterion is a Web-based service developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to evaluate student writing skills and provide instant score reporting and diagnostic feedback to both instructor and student.

Docufide - Order and transfer official transcripts online

Easy to create, Easy to update websites for Educators. - Create a classroom website with student's grades and communication with parents.

eBoard - eBoard provides a simple tool that allows educators to quickly and easily post classroom information online for parents and students.

eClassroom - eClassroom helps K-12 educators deliver curriculum online, build online communities and successfully integrate technology into the classroom.

EdCreate - Offers online educational activities that parents and teachers can create by adding their own content.

Educational Software - We build Educational Software for the needs of your school. Try one of our interactive maps. Your students will quickly learn the countries of the world.

Examsoft - Exam authoring tool to develop and distribute tests online. Scoring and proctoring available. Includes mission statement and demonstration.

Flash Card Machine - Create web-based flash cards.

Folios International - Offers a web based service providing a method of creating digital multimedia portfolios on CD-ROM. - A web-based system for keeping teachers, students, and parents in communication with each other. Free gradebook system designed, programmed and tested by teachers. All teachers and students of an approved school may register.

The Homework Site - Homework assignments and lesson plans can be placed online with this web-based program for K-12 schools. Includes school activity calendars and lunch menus.

HomeworkNow - Features a system for teachers to post classroom assignments daily or weekly on the Internet providing students 24 hour access. Offers a free trial period to schools then charges a small fee.

Hosted Test - Develop and distribute tests and assessments online. Free trial available.

Infoaspects - Interactive web application offers staff, parent and student relationship through the web. The web application provides the student database on-line. The product is also powered with voice chat and SMS.

Internet for Educators - Internet service provider, specialising in the education section. Provides content including jobs, resume bank, free resources.

KidsEdge - An educational subscription website for children ages 3-10. Provides online educational games for kids and personalized feedback for their parents, covering an entire curriculum of subjects including math and reading.

K12USA - On-line services for schools with nothing to install or maintain. Offers filtered student e-mail, e-mail for teachers and staff, district inventory tracking, and technology and maintenence trouble tracking.

Language Lovers - Get a free word of the day in the language of your choice, or quickly find the best learning resources for your language.

Learning and Working Styles Online - Provider of learning techniques and assessment tools for improved learning and work performance. Allows for individual style differences can be optimised.

The Lesson Architect - Web-based performance support system that teachers can access to plan lessons. Lessons can include material designed to meet Florida's Sunshine State Standards.

Let's Go Learn - Web-based service that diagnostically assesses individuals in reading and then provides a prescriptive individualize report for teachers and parents to follow. Tests 6 subskills in reading.

Linkonlearning - Features an online tutor designed to help kids achieve higher grades.

Lionis - Offers software services for creating, managing and reporting web-based evaluations, specially tuned for medical education.

MECNet - Provides technology services to schools and school districts including high speed internet, email systems and customized high-tech media centers. - Web-based. Provides teachers with free server space, and hosts the program on their site for students and parents to access.

NoteStar - Designed for 4th through 12th grade students. Allows teachers to create projects for their students and to track each student's progress on an assignment.

OmniUpdate - OmniUpdate enables staff to make web site updates with the skills they have.

Project Boxes - A teaching resource for education at all ages: a range of tools designed to motivate and stimulate curriculum focussed activity within the classroom. UK Based.

Quiz Hub - online interactive learning quizzes that help K-12 students enhance their core knowledge of language arts, foreign languages, social studies, math, and science

QuizStar - Web-based utility for creating quizzes that can be taken online.

RM Window Box - A service to supply a full set of educational software for Primary schools. The software includes educational applications and teachers' tools, written by Research Machines and other software manufacturers.

RubiStar - An online tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics but does not have the time to develop them from scratch.

SchoolPlanner.Com - is a communication tool for parents, students and teachers to help families and schools connect. Teachers post homework, projects, field trips etc. in their own customizable area. - Offers security and audit software solutions for schools to download.

Schoolware - Software available for licensing to schools. Products include diverse offering of security and other network related applications.

SelfScheduler - The SelfScheduler Suite for education is for student service organizations that provide advising/counseling, assessment and testing. Product handles scheduling for work, departments events and reporting.

Smartkidzone - An interactive technology that connects school and home. It features specific areas for teachers, students and parents.

Studentmarks Live - Allows teachers to create tests online. Tests can be marked automatically and the results e-mailed to students. Separate functions for teachers, parents and students. - Web-based programs for creating/modifying lesson plans, special education IEPs, and managing new employee orientation. Viewable only by authorized users.

System Operations - Provides classroom, online and customized training and learning management systems and assessment, selection, hiring and onboarding processes in the Energy Industry. - Developer and host of a form of media called participatory texts, which are online educational interactive multimedia course materials with integrated communication features. Each participatory text is available by subscription, but a free trial is available. - Online resources for teachers including lesson plans, standards, national messaging, news and information.

TeacherEase - TeacherEase is web-based gradebook communication software that allows teachers to simplify grades and communicate with parents. - A framework for creating web sites from the very simple to the most complex that are designed for teachers.

Tek.Xam - Online tests to assess technology literacy of higher education students. Study guide and a description and preview of the assessment tools used.

Test Nation - System for online educational assessment. Free membership for test authors and students. E-Class system allows administrators to import tests, set assignments, analyse results and statistics, replay tests and export results to office applications.

Training on the Web - Computer and business courses available over the Web. Courseware including Office 2002, Java, CISCO, Oracle.

Urbana Software - Software which authors and delivers diagnostic personalized tests and results analysis.

Virtual Paragon - An online software system for scheduling parent/teacher conferences. Allows parents to make reservations that are convenient for them.

Web Worksheet Wizard v3.0 - Web-based utility which allows creation of a lesson, worksheet or class page.

XQuestion - This is an online tool which allows the conversion of QTI tests and assessments into SCORM packages with flash software.

You-niversity - offers interactive webcasting services for education. Webcasting production of periodical online lectures or of annual meetings.


Adios, Amoebas - Kill a number of amoebas and advance to the next level.

Adveractive: Brunch in Manhattan - Protect the city by moving a soldier through the streets to shoot aliens in this online Shockwave game. Includes three rounds of play and a high score list.

Ai Pengo - Online Java game played by moving a penguin through a maze of ice blocks. Complete each level by pushing the blocks to squash all the monsters. Offers 36 levels and highscore list.

Alien Flashball 3D - Online ball game played in a virtual 3D room. Includes a highscore list and ability to play offline. Requires Flash 5 Plug-in.

Armadillo Cowboy Club - Try to hit five coyotes in sixty seconds using a lasso or a slingshot in this Flash-based game. Watch out for bystanders, hit three per round to lose.

Battlezone in 32 hrs - Coded by Bill Witts who wrote the original Atari-approved Quicksilva BattleZone game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1983-84.

Bubble Struggle - Use a variety of weapons to shoot the bubbles before they hit the devil in this multi-level online game. Play available for one or two players. Includes high score list.

BubbleGame - Click the bubbles to earn points in this Flash-based game. The smaller and faster the bubbles the more points awarded.

Commando Arena - Flash-based topview combat game against minibots and androids.

Cops and Robbers - Move the red dot to avoid the blue dots in this online Flash game. Includes high score list.

The Curb Game - Try to get a hedgehog across the road without getting hit by a car. Game includes sound effects and a high score list. Requires Shockwave plugin.

Defend The LCP - Defend The London College of Printing. A flash 5 game by Andrew Kendall.

DigZone - Dig from one zone to the next without getting trapped or killed by hazards in this online strategy game. Requires Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or greater to run.

DinkyWars - An online multiuser flash game where you can play your friends in realtime multiplayer action.

Donde vas Nicolas - A flash game relating to the December holiday.

Don's Dugout - Digging Java game. Dig your way underground to collect buried money bags. Use your bicycle pump to explode enemies.

dont shoot milly - Shoot everyone you can except for Milly Jackson in this online shoot `em up game in Flash.

Doug the Duck vs. UFO - Java puzzle game with 10 levels. Use your ducks to create ponds and beat the aliens.

Egyptian Space Taxi - Flash-based clone of a C64 classic game. Fly around in a taxi, earn money and stay alive. Play available on Internet Explorer only.

Fanball - Get points by releasing balls from parachutes as they fall from the top in this arcade-style Java game.

Fancy Pants Adventures - A small, sidescrolling flash game.

Fast Wars - Move the mouse over incoming missiles before they get too close in this reaction based Java game. Features game tips and source code.

FFX Runner - Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety.

FL Tron 2.0 - Flash game of the light cycles from Tron. 1 and 2 player modes.

Flap Jack - Use the left and right arrow keys to move the selector. Hit the spacebar to pick up a pancake, and hit the spacebar again to drop it, making groups of 3 same colored pancakes in this Flash game.

Frogger in Java - Move five frogs across a busy street and river before time runs out to complete the level. Try to achieve a high score in this multi-level Java game.

GoneBallistic - Re-creation of the original game.

Gonzalez Pudding Game - Use the mouse to beat a poison pudding into the garbage while at the same time feeding a good pudding into a mouth in this online Java game.

The Helicopter Game - Fly a helicopter and avoid hitting obstacles in this side scrolling Flash game. Includes high score list.

Java Battleship- Armada - See if you can sink the computer player's ships before it sinks yours.

The MMShipMarauder Action Game - Use a torpedo or gun to shoot as many ships as possible and achieve a high score. Available for online play or download.

Moonraid - Fly between gates and zap evil aliens with a 4-beam laser.

Moorhenne 2 - Go on a virtual grouse hunt and try to shoot as many birds as possible in this free online Java game. Includes highscore list.

NinjaBattles - Battle as a Ninja or Samurai in a browser based game.

North Sea Regatta Web Race - Steer a boat through a virtual obstacle course to achieve a course speed record in this Flash-based game.

Paperball Shooter - Try to shoot ten paperballs into a moving trash bucket in this Flash game played for high points.

Pixel Platformer - An online flash game using remote scripting for advertising.

Planets - Play the game and then learn how it was made. Includes tutorial on advanced mathematical functions in Flash 4.0.

Poke Alex In The Eye - Watch Alex poke himself in the eye, or play it with 3 different skill levels.

Power Drivers - On Ice - Simple overhead racing combat game for 1 or 2 players. Includes instructions and high score list.

Racing Frogs - Gamere where you manage, feed, and train your own racing frog to compete daily against other trainers.

Ribby The Rhino - Try to get Ribby The Lifeguard into the life preserver while avoiding the hippo in this Flash-based game. Hit the hippo three times and the game ends.

Rick Dangerous Flash - A remake of the game in Flash.

Rockslide - Offers a Boulderdash clone written in Java.

Scrubots_ - A simple, Paranoia-inspired, arcade-style web game.

Seconds of Madness - Robo surf through the inside of a tube. Includes players guild and high scores.

Shapion - Drop all the game pieces into their homes on the 3D game board before the board pops up and the pieces go flying in this online 3D Shockwave game.

Sheep Game - Round up sheep into a pen.

shoot it! - Upload a picture in JPG format, then use a virtual gun to shoot it. [Requires Flash]

Snowcraft - Control a team of three snowball throwers in a snowball fight.

SpaceToaster - 2D space arcade shooter game in Javascript. One or two player mode supported. Includes high score list.

Time Assassin - One simple flash game where you press a button when the ball is in the box.

Totally Quackers - Shoot cartoon ducks for points and a place on the leader board. Requires the Flash 5 player.

UniKuza - Flash based game where you try to hold the circular hole in your vessel over the centre part of moving/bending tubular path. Includes mp3 background music.

Warp 1.5 - Fly and shoot past obstacles. [Requires Java.]

Be a Contender - Online games with a chance to win cash prizes.

Boxerjam - Free games, puzzles, trivia to win cash and prizes. Players compete for fun or cash and prizes while chatting with friends.

CMJ Rewards - Answer questions about CMJ music trivia and earn points redeemable towards prizes. USA residents only. - Earn points playing premium games and taking part in tournaments. Redeem the points for online casino credits.

Huge Prize - Play online games to win PowerPoints. Points are exchangable for entries in daily, weekly, and monthly cash prize drawings.

IamGame - Free online bingo and casino game tournaments to win iBucks which can be entered in cash sweepstakes. Offers weekly cash bingo tournaments, and VIP membership option.

RewardTV - Play trivia games about primetime TV shows to win points. Redeem the points for rewards, special products, and prizes.

Tornado Games - Play original online Flash games to win T-Caps which can be used to buy raffle tickets for prize drawings. Includes board, arcade, sport, card, puzzle, and gambling games.

Help Desk

AI-Reply.Com - Offer help desk, referral tracking and customer support systems.

Applied Innovation Management - Provides a suite of Web-based software including a help desk, asset management, bug tracking, and sales contact management systems.

AskIt Systems - Offers an outsourced, Web-based customer service system that learns from the customer's questions.

AthenaRMS - Features include request management, trouble ticket management, Web-form and email handling, and multi-database support.

Avensoft - Web-based multi-functional help desk software.

Bankoi HelpDesk Software - A fully featured browser based helpdesk/email management application designed to streamline the operation of managing emails or support requests.

Big Web Desk - Completely Web-based help desk, ticketing service, and request management software.

Business Resources Online - Background, and information about help desk software.

CDN Systems - Web-based help desk software with Microsoft Access and MS SQL integration.

Cerberus Helpdesk - Browser-based email management and trouble ticket system.

CRMdesk - Automates online customer support and knowledge base creation through the Internet.

Cynergy - Software for web based active/ trouble ticket tracking, service desk contact manager system, application server and customer service software hosting. - An integrated script to manage customer sales and support. Uses a MySQL database-backend and has flexible implementation.

e11 - Provides online customer support solutions with email support, asset management, and trouble ticket.

E-Business Application Suite - Use open source technology and provide online business applications, which include: Customer Support, Help Desk, Project Management, Sales Automation, CRM Marketing Automation, Invoice/Billing.

Eden Corporation - Features general help desk, project management, asset management, issue tracking, sales management, and IT project and resource management.

Expinion.Net - Includes ASP source code, free FTP install, manuals, support, and future upgrades. Uses MS SQL or Access.

Ezyhelpdesk - A fully featured online help desk system comprising descrete sections for the clients, staff and administrator.

Ferrysoft Limited - Features automatic user alerts, optional case submission by e-mail and web services integration. Free for the single user, standard edition.

FootPrints Web-based Help Desk - FootPrints Helpdesk provides web-based problem resolution software that includes call center management, knowledge bases, support task automation, and self-help options.

Freedom Communications - Supports capturing, tracking, and graphical reporting. Also provides brandable customer portals for automated request entry and self-help.

GroupSoft Systems - Browser based help desk application including call tracking, asset tracking, knowledge base, project management and full support for Notes.

Help Desk Assistant - A web-based application that allows to track support issues via a Microsoft web server.

HelpCORE - Enterprise class open source helpdesk and servicedesk software.

HelpDesk Connect - Features include problem tracking, auto escalation, FAQ builder and embedded customer database.

HelpDesk Pro - Features CGI source code, auto SMS messaging alerts, multi-platform compatibility, database management, automated call queue.

HelpDesk System - Help desk specifically for recording and monitoring requests for repairs or other works at properties.

HelpLine Incident Management - A customizable help desk for support personnel and customers (both internal and external). Includes SLA management and bespoke notification.

HelpSTAR Software - Provides a flexible workflow, an interactive web interface, auto-email notification, and additional support for medium to large helpdesk environments.

Hostedware - Affordable web-based help desk application and database.

Incident Monitor - Advanced helpdesk software which integrates conventional phone service with a fully enabled web service with wireless support, skills based routed environment, inbound email routing and service level management.

Indy Help Desk - Provides web based software written in ASP. Also provides custom service and support for small to medium sized businesses in the Indianapolis area.

Infra Corporation - Help desk and change management (web-enabled) software used by government and corporations around the world.

iQHelpDesk - A browser based help desk and asset management set, with optional customization offered.

IssueTrack - Help desk and issue tracking software with knowledge base, email notification and escalation functionality.

Kayako Web Solutions - Browser-based help desk software with large spectrum of features, including support ticketing, knowledge base, and trouble-shooter.

KnT Solutions, Inc. - Developers of e-zHelpDesk, which offers customer management, case escalation, bug tracking and knowledgebase functionality.

Liberum Help Desk - Free, web based help desk software written in ASP. Offers email notification and reporting features.

LiveTime Software - Provides real-time management reporting and problem resolution.

Modern Thinking Inc - Offer an application for tracking and managing both customer support issues and internal work items.

OmniWorks Webdesk - An industry standard internal and external helpdesk written in ASP and customised for the Internet.

osTicket Open Source Project - A simple and lightweight support ticket program designed to be easy to install and setup. It is also completely free.

OTRS - An Open source Ticket Request System with various features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails.

Parature - Provides Web-based software for online customer service, help desk and customer relationship management.

PerlDesk - Perl Web-based help desk and knowledge base solutions for small and mid-sized Web sites.

The PHP Support Desk - Features include PHP/MySQL architecture, trouble ticket management, FAQ base, and multiple support operators.

ReadyDesk - Features include ASP scripting, ticketing system, automated email alerts, ticket history, auto-population of data, and online knowledge base.

Revelation Help Desk - Web based helpdesk software features call logging, tracking and escalation, time reconciliation, asset management, integrated accounting and reporting. Fully customizable with several optional modules.

RightNow Technologies - Automate online technical support, customer service, and knowledge building for Web-connected businesses and organizations.

ScorpioSoft - Virtual Help Desk is a 100% web based application that allows a company to manage their internal and external users, development(engineering) and QA team with one integrated application.

Seeker - A multi-functional feature strong help desk, which includes queue, workload and workflow management functionality.

Serio - Offers helpdesk software with change management, SNMP network auditing and monitoring.

ServiceWare - Internet-based, knowledge-driven solutions that map to any business need in the customer-focused enterprise.

Sitehelpdesk - Helpdesk software with options for software and hardware inventory management.

Spectrum Research - Introduces the developers of the web based Spectrum HelpDesk customer support system.

SPoTS - Rapid deployment enterprise-class trouble ticket and CRM software for organizations with help desks or customer support groups.

SupportWizard - Software for Web based customer support, escalation and bug tracking.

Support-Works - Combines NPA with a call logging and problem management system. Includes e-mail integration, SLA management, automated reporting and knowledge base.

Taskman Pro - Web-based enterprise authenticated work order management and helpdesk system, allowing tasks to be requested online with email based notification.

TeamShare - Develops 100% web-based customer support software solution.

Tenrox Incident Management - Business process management software for help desk, change management, bug tracking, issue tracking, incident management, and process tracking.

TicketXPert.NET - Offers a multilingual solution with MS Windows XP look and feel and Outlook navigation.

Trouble Ticket Express - Open source web based help desk system written in Perl for Unix and Windows servers.

VersaSRS - Web based, .Net helpdesk/service request software. Tracks service requests, product support issues and IT Help Desk incidents.

WebTTS - Open source web-based trouble ticketing system written in Perl utilizing MySQL. Designed with the helpdesk, system admins, and network engineers in mind.

WonderDesk - Organize and track support e-mail calls with help desk software.

World Desk Pro - Customizable help desk based upon the Microsoft .Net Framework.

Yudo - A free ASP based support and trouble ticket system, including instant download.

Personal Information Managers

AirSet - Using a web browser or mobile phone, you can manage family, work, and social group schedules and communications. - Free service to keep a back up of all your SIM and mobile phone numbers.

Backpack - A personal and small business information management and to do list organizer.

BlueTie Inc. - Suite of web-based applications including calendar, e-mail, instant messaging, and file cabinet. Designed for business users.

Calendae - Synchronize your online calendar and contacts.

Contact Pro - Contact information management system online. Schedule emails and tasks, search contacts, manage information.

Digitalme - Web-based personal information manager from Novell. Features include address book, one-click universal updating, single-click sign-on, and automatic form-fill.

Enfish - Free integration of email, documents and other local files with relevant information from the Internet.

E-Omninet - Includes file manager, address book, bookmarks, solar and lunar calendars plus event reminder, and free email.

Ereminder - Keep track of personal events online.

Favormark - Free online notebook, organizer, and contact information manager. - Enter information into any device and it's updated automatically in all your PCs, Palm and mobile phone. Access and edit your email, calendar, files, contacts and bookmarks from any device or web browser, anytime. - Free reminders by email.

HTML Reminder - Enter dates and events in HTML Reminder and generate a JavaScript based HTML page.

Infotriever - Free downloadable plug-in that enables users to directly insert data into the appropriate section of their PIMs (contacts, events, memos). - Pioneering online service that provides companies, groups, departments and other communities with free intranet applications, free web hosting and a free custom URL. Every intranet is customizable, including company or organization identity, specific industry-related news and integration of existing web applications.

Leofun Movies - Provides users with a way to store movie-related information online, including titles, cast and crew and characters. Includes an image library of related GIFs, suited for display and download for color GIF phones and for the Web. Accessible to WAP-enabled mobile phones and Windows CE devices. Free registration required.

Memotoo - Centralize your personal data (bookmarks, calendar, contacts, files) and find them from any computer.

My Personal Home Page - A free web-based personal information manager. It provides an address book, upcoming birthday notification, a to-do list, an email checker, SMS storage, and an RSS news reader.

My Yellow Pad - Access your notes online from anywhere, for free. - Community site offering web based calendars, online chat rooms, bulletin boards, web based file sharing, address book and contact list management, and personal homepages. - Offers free online calendars for families and groups. Track your daily events, send invitations, track RSVP's and schedule reminders all from the same page.

MyPhonebook, Inc. - Free web-based contact organizer providing safe storage and easy organization of addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Office Keeper - Web office online solution, delivers calendar, email, file sharing, workflow management through a Web browser that your team can access anywhere in the world.

QuickReminders - Free online calendar and email reminder service. Provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views.

Sulfe SafeBox - To keep track of all of your services, financial accounts, passwords, rewards programs, files. - Keep track of e-mail, faxes, and voicemail in one place.

Visto - Free web-based suite of applications. Access your email, calendar, address book, bookmarks, and files.

WebAuthor - ASP that offers Web-based Intranet and group related services.

Your Corporate Virtual Office - A web-based intranet which provides an instant online office to enhance team communication and collaboration, and scheduling from anywhere, anytime. A comprehensive computing environment which includes: Web Server, LAN Server and Client.

Your Organiser - Offers a calendar, diary, address book, and reminders. Online personal assistant.

Photo Sharing

Albumsnaps - Provides simple and free photo sharing for travellers, friends, and family.

AlbumTown - Free and premium packages with features such as slideshows, ecards, public and private albums, multiple album themes, and an easy to remember address for public sharing.

AOL Pictures - Area for members to post and organize pictures, and for others to view them. Includes polls, resources, and a link to a printing service. - UK-based free hosting service for moblogs. Photos can be uploaded via MMS or online from a computer. Features a forum and a blog directory.

Byte Gallery - Providing photo sharing gallery solutions for amateur and professional digital photographers.

Care2 - Upload, manage, share, and send pictures as e-postcards or organize them in custom albums.

DropShots - Users can share and organize photographs and video clips. Free registration for basic features.

Epson PhotoCenter - Easy way to store, organize, and share photos. Print high resolution photos from home or order prints online.

EzPics - Photo display and digital catalog service. Application distributed as a service, client maintains the content.

Flickr - Picture galleries available with social networking, chat, groups, and photo ratings. - Easy photo sharing and ordering of digital prints, including 10MB of album space.

Fotopic - Photo sharing, with 250MB free file space, easy editing suite, and prints.

FotoTime - Online photo albums, with 30 day free trial. Collect, manage, print, and share pictures. Connects to many digital cameras.

Free Image Home - Watermark free image hosting with 500mb free monthly bandwidth, galleries available for free and paid accounts.

Funtigo - Provides a photo sharing service where members can create a customized online photo album and share it as a website. A free service is available.

Gallerymagic - Organize pictures in albums and add text for each image, including password-protected albums.

GFXhost - Unlimited image hosting, slideshows, galleries & more for auctions, forums, websites.

Glowfoto - Service provided by useful for sharing images on message boards, social networking sites or on eBay.

GreatestCities Journals - Free and unlimited photo sharing of travel and city photos. Extensive community and security features.

Grove Street - Free photo-sharing. Search for photos by content.

Happy Greetings - Web-based photo albums specifically for sharing baby photos.

High Definition Pixel - Offers hosting of digital photo gallery albums to share photos with family and friends.

ImageCave Image Hosting - Free, fast and easy image hosting with 1GB of data transfer and 10MB of free storage. PNG, BMP, GIF and JPG formats permitted.

ImageEvent - Create personalized albums to store, share and print images. Offers security options with guest password protection. - Online image & photo hosting, portfolios, and slideshow creation.

Image4U - Image4U allows direct linking to images. This can be used for posting pictures on auctions, bulletin board systems, discussion forums, business presentations, etc...

iWebPhoto - Offers online photo albums, photo slide shows and photo greeting cards for sharing. Online classified advertising with photos for selling your items. Buyers find it here.

Kodak Imaging Network, Inc. - Upload digital photos to create and share on-line photo albums. Film processing and print service also available.

Monkey View - Free photo server.

My Image Hosting - Features like resizing and rotating images are available on all accounts as well as both private and public photo galleries.

myLivingTree - Free publishing of personal photos out of which the site automatically creates a "Tree of Life".

myPhotoDrive - For-pay photo sharing site. Payment based on disk space usage.

MyPhotosOnline - Download free client software maintenance to make your album maintenance free, photos are automatically syncnchronized with the server.

MyPicGallery - Online photo sharing with 20MB of storage, email notifications, and public/private galleries.

MySharedPhotos - Easy and convenient way to upload and keep you pictures in stylish albums without annoying ads and banners. Free software enables to edit pictures and albums before uploading.

NetSnapShot - Free service for creating and sharing photo albums. Users may post an unlimited number of images in an unlimited number of albums. Can be password protected.

OrderPicture - Full service digital prints and online image display for professional photographers.

OurBestMoments - Provides an affordable, easy, and simple way to share pictures with friends and family.

PBase - Browse images or create an account with galleries. Add captions and other information.

Photo Collection - Offers custom Internet photo albums. Fee required.

Photo Machine - Automatic photo gallery creation including custom look-and-feel and domain hosting.

Photo Navy - Leveraging the open source Gallery project to provide free photo hosting, including albums, permissions, prints, and slideshows.

Photo Reflect - Preview photos online, locate a local photographers, and build a own photo album to share.

Photo Thru - Free photo albums to store, share and order digital prints. Mail film in and receive a free PhotoCD.

PhotoAccess - High quality digital prints and photo gifts from digital images, including unlimited online photo albums.

PhotoApe - Free online photo album that makes it easy for members to selectively share photos with their friends and relatives. - Create your own photoblog for free!

Photobucket - Free video and photograph sharing, image hosting and linking, online photo albums.

PhotoCrib - Free image hosting services for your images. Offers photo portfolios, auction images picture galleries, 360 picture views with 4 hosting plans.

Photogra - Create online photo albums and share pictures with anyone. Can choose between public or private albums. - Forum-like photo sharing site. Offers a free membership, and two paid options.

PhotoJo - Provides an online community and printing service for the Internet.

Photojunction - Online photo album creation with optional music.

PhotoMama - PhotoMama Online Photo Service allows you to share your photos, create online photo albums, manipulate your photos, store your Photos for free and get high quality digital prints.

PhotoPile - Organize digital photographs into albums and share them with friends and family through email.

PhotoPreviews - Online photo albums shopping system allows professional photographers to share and sell wedding or other event photography with family and friends on the web. Unlimited galleries. Flat annual fee.

Photosleeve - Digital photo galleries, free up to 50MB.

PhotoWorks - Professional quality prints from standard film and digital cameras.

Picture Village - Online picture storage, with 10MB free for family picture albums.

Picturetrail - Photo sharing site offering digital prints of photographs and offsite linking.

PicVault - Personal gallery hosting, 1mb of space per picture allowed.

Pixmor - Free service to organize and share images with voice commentary and background music. - Offering a free and paid photo sharing service with customizable photo albums. - Provides prints from digital images on real photo paper in addition to online albums.

SavedMemories - Create a real online album, not just a collection of pictures.

Shutterfly - Print, share and get creative with pictures.

ShutterPoint Photography - Allows photographers to store, share, promote and sell their photos. Features a real-time photo rating system and subscription-based storage of digital photographs.

Sighost Image Hosting - Simple, low cost and reliable choice for image hosting.

smugmug - Ad-free online photo albums for easy photo sharing. Features bulk uploading, almost unlimited customization, professional prints, and unlimited storage.

Snapfish - Both film and digital camera users can share, store and order high quality reprints.

Sony's Image Station - Photo sharing. Offers digital prints, storage and retreival services and has features such as a featured album, and photo of the day.

Tnight Photo Database - Community-oriented online photo database.

Twango - Free photograph and multimedia sharing.

UK Expert Photo System - Public photo uploading and sharing with rating systems, and comments.

Upixs - Image hosting with unlmited bandwidth, size, and space.

UploadSystem - Upload pictures and files to share with others.

Village Photos - Free image hosting, unlimited accounts with easy image management, custom folders, and resizing features.

Wal-Mart Photo Center - Share photos with friends and family online. Drop off a film roll in-store and pictures will be uploaded.

Webshots - A photo and video sharing site. Free and premium memberships.

Winkflash - Free sharing of photos, fully public or restricted to groups of your choice. Sells printing services, including posters and bound books of your pictures.

Yahoo! Photos - Arrange photos into albums and share them with friends. E-mail pictures and send them as e-postcards.

Your Moment of Fame - A free public forum of images that helps users share pictures with others having similar interests.

Zeec - Featuring wireless photo uploads from mobile phone, also has a section to browse uploaded pictures.

Zyphoto - Print, edit, and share digital pictures. Pick up prints at a local lab or have them mailed.

Project Management

About Melvin - On line project management portal.

AceProject - Offers Web-based software for project management, bug tracking and timesheet management.

Advanced Tier - Provides Web-based project management and tracking software.

AgileLog - Easy-to-use hosted backlog management software for agile projects.

Artifact - Helps companies manage offshore and onshore software development outsourcing engagements by providing an integrated set of project management, application life-cycle, and dashboard tools in a securely hosted, subscription-based service.

Autotask - Web-based solutions with time and expense tracking, reporting, and import of Microsoft Project files.

Bal.Pm Project Management Tools - Manage partners, tasks, work packages, reporting, and budget.

Base Camp - Provides a web based project, task and time management, team collaboration and reporting.

By Net Software - Web-based project management application.

Celoxis - Project and knowledge solution for managing workforce, time and expense, contacts, and reports. Includes a guided tour, white papers and a FAQ.

COMMbits - Offers a hosted solution for project management, including Gantt charts, task management, and customer support ticketing system. - Web-based calendaring, and project accounting service for project management.

Com-Onweb Coordinator - Web based solution for coordinating projects.

Creative Manager Pro - Browser-based project management system designed for creative firms, providing collaborative agency management, customer support, and accounting.

CreativePro Office - Provides a pack of tools to manage projects, clients and time.

Daily To-Do List - Provides a web based tool to organize and check off daily tasks.

Devcycle - Provides an online solution for product and development management. Includes task management, issue and defect tracking, discussion forums and knowledge base.

Eloops - Web based project management software including project management, online calendar and data backup software.

Enact Enterprise System - Web based project collaboration and management. Includes online demonstration and downloadable evaluation version.

Entry Software - Browser based software for project management, help desk, and document management. Includes products, technology, and support.

eRealize - Pan Atlantic Software solution for managing people, projects, and processes. Includes product and company information.

eTech - Provides Internet enabled solutions for project estimation, job costing, and production scheduling. Also offers consulting and training.

Eversy - Provides a collection of web-based tools to share, track and organize engineering data.

3f Software Planner - Web based tool for planning and managing software development projects. Includes white papers and a knowledge base.

Fortes Solutions BV - Web based project, knowledge and process management software that can be integrated with MS Project and SAP. Enschede, Twente, Netherlands.

Genius Inside - Web-based collaboration and project management software.

HiTask - Provides a web based online tasks management to schedule and share them with a team.

Instant Project Manager - Offers to manage projects on the Web.

Intellitask - Web based project management application from Triangle Net Solutions.

InventX - Provides a web based project execution and schedule management application.

iTeamwork - Offers Web based project management and tracking application with e-mail notification.

Kronodoc - Web-based solution for project document management. Includes information on consulting and training.

Lean Project Manager - Provides an easy to use web based project management.

MJI TeamWorks - Web base application that enables project management, document management and team collaboration. - Web-based professional services automation (PSA) solution including time tracking, project planning and documents management. Based on Open Source architecture.

Ninth Wave - Project Assistant Toolkit (PAT) - Web-based, adaptive platform allowing distributed users to collaborate and share information and process. A range of applications, including programme, project, process, resource and document management.

Nozbe - Provides a web-based project, tasks and notes management.

Office In Action (OIA) - Offer an online project management, networking and productivity tool. Includes product information and a FAQ.

Omada - Web-based collaboration software developed for project and task management. Includes company and product information such as SAP implementations.

onProject - Collaboration solution for virtual teams, department level teams, and project managers seeking a centralized online workspace for team members.

OurProject - Web based project management application with integration of task management, calendar, and real-time reporting.

Power Steering - Web-based tool for project and program management, tracking, reporting, collaboration and quality. Includes case studies and a demo.

Project Desk - Web based project, task and time management, team collaboration, and reporting.

Project Insight - Web based project management software.

Project Manager - An online project management system developed by Manage-IT.

Project Saver Pro - Online project and time management including billing, messaging and knowledge sharing.

ProjectCoordinator - Web-based project, document, and web content management and collaboration tool. About products, support and services, and downloadable documentation.

ProjectSaver - SingleSystems Web-based solution to project management. Product information and support.

ProjectsCenter - Offers a web based project management tool with scheduling, online collaboration, and project planning.

ProjectSpace - Web based collaborative project and process management solutions.

Projistics - Web based project lifecycle management and collaboration software. Works with Microsoft Project. Includes demo, articles and white papers.

PS-Team - A web-based enterprise project management (EPM) and collaboration solution. Supports PRINCE2 methodologies and integrates with Microsoft EPM solution. Offers product description, case studies, news, and corporate information.

Rational Concepts - Web-based tools that can help companies manage their projects and proposal preparation.

Rocon Software Ltd. - Solutions for project management and group collaboration.

Smart Project Net - Provides a comprehensive hosted project management solution. Integrates time tracking, expenses and human resources.

Task Meister - Provides an online tasks and projects management.

TaskComplete - Enables teams to organize and track project related information using a web-based task list with integrated calendar, discussion, and document management capabilities.

Taskee - Provides a web based tasks manager.

Taskman Online - Web based project management system for task and resource management.

TeamCluster - Web based project team productivity solutions.

The-project - Sarcophagus provides Web-based information management systems and project extranets to the construction industry.

Time Champ - Provides an online time manager for PC, PDA and Mobile device.

Time Profit - Browser based application that allows to manage your resources: time, people and projects.

US Global Net - Online project management for multi-unit construction programs.

WebTime Task Management System - Provides time and project management solution.

Who Does - Free Web-based project management software, task and time planning, team collaboration and documents sharing.

YoTask - Free web based tasks management system.

YZ Project Manager - Online software to manage projects, task, activities, and costs.

Zirrus - Offers a web based todolist management tool.




InGoodStandings - Maintains league standings online including game schedules, results and highlights, and news.

LeagueRepublic - Automated web sites and management for sports leagues online. Capability for schedules, tables, results and statistics.

Online Sports Registration and Administration - Offers online registration and back-end administration for all types of sports leagues and associations. Create and edit teams, volunteer positions, and activities. Generate reports, accounting information and e-mail members.

OnlineScoreKeeper - Online league manager for the administration of most sports leagues including game schedules, team standings, and player statistics. Includes demo and contact information.

The Ropey Ladder - Offers online ladder services for squash, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Includes FAQ and information for the ladder owner.

Sporty Stats - Online sports club application providing team graphs and player and club statistics.

StatsDepot.Com - Free statistics service that allows you to keep all your league or team's statistics, calendar, and roster on the internet. Includes samples.

Tournament Wizard - Online management services for amateur sports tournament organizers including automated scheduling, brackets, statistics, posting and messaging. Non-publishing use is free. - Statistics focused league management, with schedules, photos, game write-ups, and leading scorers for a variety of sports. - Provides online sports league management, with scores and standings. - Web application for community sports with tools for registering participants, scheduling games, and creating league and team rosters.


bigVAULT Storage Technologies - Secure online file storage and offsite online backup services for individuals and businesses. - Web file storage and sharing for individuals and small businesses.

CryptoHeaven - Encrypted storage, backup, and file sharing for individuals and small businesses.

EnterVault - Online service for storage and access of electronic files and documents.

FilesAnywhere - Online file storage and sharing for individuals and businesses.

File-Works - Provides a mechanism for online storage and document exchange via the Internet.

IBackup - A secure online storage, backup and collaboration service. Supports incremental backup, SSL, compression and multiple platform support.

One Vision Software, Inc. - Offers storage management software, a digital storage network, file backup software, and online file storage.

ParaLink - Free web space for sharing files.

Punch WebGroups - Secure web-based file sharing. - Drag and drop virtual hard drive for file access and sharing.

Transloader - Skip the step of downloading files and then uploading them to your online drive. This service allows you to send them directly to your online drive.

WorkSpot - Free and rental software over the Internet, as well as traditional file storage. This content is available through Linux, HTML, and Palm VII interfaces.

Xdrive, Inc. - Secure access to files from any web browser. Free trial.

Yahoo! Briefcase - Provides 25 MB of free space to registered Yahoo users. Lets you share files with other Yahoo users.


CentraNow - Web meetings powered by Voice over IP.

EtherVoice - Embedded Internet telephony gateway.

iBasis - Provider of wholesale international IP telephony services.

Inter-Fone - VoIP Internet Telephony - Internet-carried Phone to Phone calls. - Industry newsletter for telecom professionals.

IP xStream - IP Telephony data source.

Iscom, Inc. PCCall Service - PC to Phone call services.

NetYak - Web-to-phone call button for e-commerce.

Packetizer - Technical information about VoIP and videoconferencing.

RADVision - SIP, 3G-324M, H.323 stacks and testing tools for VoIP vendors.

SecureLogix Corporation - Provides enterprise telephony management systems.

TEK DigiTel Corporation - Provides communications solutions for the small to medium size business by integrating traditional PBX technology with data routing and VoIP technology. - Lists free fax and phone resources on the web.

Voice over Internet Protocol - An overview of VoIP from the Federal Communications Commission. With news, FAQs, factsheets, and findings.

Voice over IP and IP Telephony References - A directory of talks, papers, books, organizations, vendors, standards, web pages, and standards on IP telephony.

Voice Systems Research, Inc. - Provides unified messaging, voice mail, advanced call routing, and IP-based telephony solutions.

VOIP EZ - Offers in depth information on implementing VoIP in both consumer and commercial settings.

VoIP Watch - A weblog with news and reviews of VoIP products.

VoIP Wiki - A wiki that covers VoIP software, hardware, service providers, reviews, configurations, and standards. - UK resource with the emphasis on small businesses and home users. Includes news, reviews, and forums.

Wikipedia: Voice over IP - Encyclopedia article with background information, technical details, and the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP.

Internet Telephony: America Is Waiting - FCC Chairman Kennard's remarks before the Voice Over Net Conference; Atlanta, Georgia; September 12, 2000. (September 12, 2000)

Time Tracking

Autotask - Time and attendance tracking, billing, project and task management.

Chronologger - Time, task and expense project management service.

ClickTime - A time management application that tracks time for payroll and billing purposes. The timesheet service can be used both online and offline.

Clockspot - Web based time clock application for business. It allows employees to clock in and clock out of work using the internet. Employers can view employee work hours and generate payment reports. Good demo on site.

Clockware - Provides rules based features for timesheet, time tracking, attendance, billing, project tracking, payroll, HRIS, and G/L integration.

DbNetTime - Web based time tracking software. Includes screenshots, demonstration download and purchase information.

Dorset Software - Offers Trace, a web based time and project tracking tool with timesheet recording, expense tracking facilities, and other functions. Includes case histories.

ePClaw - Offers a data entry and report generation program that works in conjunction office software. Includes demo.

eTimesheets - Provides timesheet automation that interfaces with other payroll, accounting, or billing systems.

Eye On Time - Offering online timesheet and project management system. Web based service.

Flexi Time Manager - An online timesheet that records working hours and calculates flexitime. Also has links to information about flexible working, and a glossary of terms about flexitime.

Function Fox - Offers online time tracking and reporting for small to medium sized companies. Includes free trial, mission statement and contact details.

General Blue - A time card service which integrates with some payroll software.

GHG Corporation - Offers timesheet software, with HR, Recruiting and staffing modules. Includes demo and brochures.

IdeaBlox - A compact and easy to-use site with some on-line time and resource management web-applications including a web based time card software for small businesses. Includes product tour and trial.

iEmployee - Offers online time and attendance record keeping with several calculation tools.

Intervals - Pretty sophisticated online project tracking - a hosted service for small businesses that bill and track their time. Unusual features - some hosted online storage.

InTime - An application enabling users to track working time, attendance and charging. Project tracking element included.

Journyx - Provides web-based timesheet software for project and expense tracking.

JS Portal - Features time, expenses and project progress tracking, weblog functionality for documenting discussions and file sharing.

KronLog - A web-based time tracking and accounting software. Features user forum, free trial and support contacts.

MindSalt - A timesheet and expense tracking software for timekeeping against projects. The system allows for cost tracking and invoice generation.

MPTime - Web based time tracking software combines time and attendance tracking software and time and project management software.

Nexonia - Web-based timesheets and expense reports.

Office Timesheets: - A complete time and project tracking system. Offered as a hosted or installed software solution - the hosted version is accessed via the internet. Appears to offer good integration with Microsoft products.

On The Clock - Web based time clock system including reports, overtime tracking and online demonstration.

Pacific Timesheet - Web-based timesheet as a hosted .asp page - not immediately accessible online but a trial can be requested. Also offers a downloadable trial solution. Appears to be aimed at larger users

Projux - Offers project tracking with a web-hosted application which allows time and expense entry, invoice creation and information sharing.

PSA Scorecard - Web-based time tracking, project management and sales application. Focus architecture, accounting, and technology industries

Tic-Tac Mobile - An on-line time tracking service including project time allocation and costing. Can also me accessed via a PDA or a mobile phone.

Tidal 247 - A web based suite of applications for time management, issues management, and change management.

1Time - A comprehensive online database to track working hours against projects and their sub-tasks performed for customers. Functions include cost analysis. A free trial is currently available.

Time Direct - Web based personnel time tracking service. Timesheets, expense reports, approvals, and management reporting.

Time Management Solutions - Provides easy to use web-based time tracking and project management software for tracking and reporting employee time. Free trial.

Time Reporting - A comprehensive time and expense recording and calculation database on line. An interactive demonstration of the package is available without having to sign up to anything.

Time-Assistant - Time tracking software for the Internet or intranets, featuring employee timesheets and various reports and project management tools including salary calculation, invoices and expenses, online services and PDA package.

TimeConsultant - Time, expense and billing software for professional services organizations, also includes the ability to track projects, skills, schedules, candidates and resumes.

TimeFiler - Simple-to-use web application for recording timesheets and expenses. Also capable of making job costing reports, and files for payroll. Original visual design, and clear 'demonstration' features.

Timeledger - Tracks time as well as expenses. Time, expenses, and mileage information on a Palm Pilot can be transferred to the TimeLedger online application.

TimeLog Aps - Web based project management tool designed for companies that require closely monitoring of the amount of hours and resources spent.

TimeQ - Offers online time card, time sheet, expense tracking and reporting.

Timesite - Time and expense tracking and billing application. Demo version available on the site. - A free online service offering project time reporting and approval.

Tiwix - Offers online (web based) time and expenses tracking, invoice management, project tracking and reports generation. Available in four European languages.

Unanet Technologies - Provides web base PSA software for management of time, expenses, resource scheduling, project management, skills inventory.

Vyzo - Web-based task management software. Focuses on scheduling and monitoring.

Web Time Clock - Web based time clock for tracking hourly employees. Specializes in small business.

WebPunchClock - Web-based time clock application.

Work Area - This site records working time online in real time. It can produce payroll, billing and productivity reports.

WorkForce Software - Web-based software to handle many aspects of (larger) workforce management including timekeeping, payroll, operations and human resources.

XPD Office - Web-hosted extensive business management package offering modules for tracking time, activities, projects, customers and more

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