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Sikhism - Thy Name is Love and Sacrifice - Contains quotations, divine wisdom, selective life samples from gurus, video and audio.

Sikhnet - Cybercommunity offers gurbani audio clips, live events, news, chat, job advertisements, online shopping, and photographs.

300 Saal Guru De Naal Gur-Ta-Gaddi Tercentenary - Features greeting cards, videos, articles on Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Fort: Panth Khalsa - Information about famous Sikhs, the Sikh Code of conduct, and articles relating to the Panth. - With different channels gives facility to interact with community through forums, articles, and news.

Khalsa Camp - Learn about the camp organized in UK for furthering the knowledge of Gurbani.

Memories of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Some information about Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sikh Zone - Provides information on Sikhism, its principles, Sikh Gurus, Gurdwaras and other articles.

Sikhpoint - A sikh community portal with resources like matrimonials, egreetings, jobs, daily hukamnama, radio and other related services. - Sandeep Singh Brar's view on the philosophy, development and way of life of Sikhism. Also included is information on scriptures, audio prayers, glossary of terms, and alphabets. - Information on Sikhism, Sikh Gurus, symbols, history, and ceremonies. - Resources include hukamnama, forums, blogs, contests etc.

Keertan.Org - A large database of all types of gurbani kirtan in audio and video format.

Raj Karega Khalsa Network - Multimedia resource site on the Sikh Religion.

Sikhiwiki - Sikh encyclopedia containing thousands of articles on Sikhism.

The Sikher Project - A connection to the Word, the Sikh Holy Scripture in over fifty languages. Includes projects, wiki and news.

 The Sikhism WebRing - Webring connecting various sites related to Sikhism.

Waheguroo Network - Portal offering Sikh based forums, news, blogs, downloads etc.


Amrit World - Website presenting articles on Sikh history and other issues, written by Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'.

Kamat's Potpourri - Topics on Sikh history and culture; includes a number of pictures and a timeline

Sikh Lionz - Articles on the history of the Sikh faith.

Sikh Religion Online - Literature related to the history of Sikhism and the formation of the Khalsa Panth.

Sikh-Youth - Dedicated to informing young Sikhs of issues and history.

Global Gurudwara Database - Gurudwara listings from around the world with RSS Feed. Searchable database of Gurudwaras.

Gurdwara Listings - List of Gurdwaras around the whole world

Gurdwara.US - State-wise listing of Sikh Gurdwaras in USA

News and media

In Support of Religious Freedom in Quebec Schools - Pertains to the petition for wearing Kirpan in school by Gurbaj Singh, Montreal, Quebec.

Panthic Weekly - Non-profit Sikh news publication run by the Khalsa Press, providing Panthic oriented news and information.

Passion for Truth - Weekly panel discussion program.

Sant Sipahi - The Oldest Panthic Magazine.

Sikh News Network - In-Depth Coverage of Issues Concerning the Global Sikh Community.

Sikh Sangat News - Sikh News and Commentary from around the World.

Sikh Spectrum - Literary and Intellectual magazine.

Sikhi News Portal - Collects News related to Sikhs from various sources.

The Sikh Review - Monthly Magazine disseminating Gurbani philosophy and the spirit of Sikhism, while developing interfaith understanding and promoting universal moral values.

Gurbani Music

Amritsar Paath - Recitation of various Banis and Paaths.

Gurmat Sangeet Project - Dedicated to the preservation of Gurmat Sangeet. Contains MP3s of Raga based kirtan recorded in the huzoori of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Say Sat Sri Akal - Audio files and small poetic descriptions of sikhism concepts.

Shabad Kirtan Network - A collection of Audio Shabads and Stories, also covers important audio sites from around the Internet.

Sikh Sangeet - A growing collection of Sikh music in classical raag standards.

Sikh Videos - Melodious Gurbani Kirtan - Imparts Sikh Education through Videos. Includes indepth discourses full of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom on various aspects of Sikh Religion. - Royalty-free Sikh hymns in audio and video format categorized by artist name.

Philosophy and Scriptures

Reflections On Gurbani - Dedicated to the analysis, study and understanding of Gurbani. Extensive articles on Gurbani and downloadable Gurbani music.

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib - Contains the Sri Dasam Granth in English, Punjabi, and Hindi. Provides search engine of text.

Sridasamgranth - Read about Sri Dasam Granth, the definitive works of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs.

Zafarnama Translation - Information about Zafarnama, battle of Saragrahi, Sipanji, brief about Persian, ten most famous battles.


DTF Books - Sells assorted books and gifts from affiliated publishers and distributors. - Sells a CD pertaining to pronunciation and recitation of gurbani.

Law Offices of Ravinder S. Bhalla - Represents Sikh clients in civil rights, employment, and criminal cases. - Order Rumalas, Chandoas, Shaneel Razai and many other embroidery items for your Gurdwara.

Sarab Sanjhi Gurbani - List of the Audio cassettes from this company, you may also place orders.

Sikh Link - An online shopping center for Sikhism-related needs including software titles and religious artifacts.

The Sikh Next Door Project - Educating America's children about Sikhs and the Sikh religion through an educational curriculum including DVD and comprehensive lesson plans.

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