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The Ritual and Ceremonial Aspects of Hinduism

Hinduism is popularly known as a way of life. It has many layers. It has a ritual aspect, a spiritual aspect, a ceremonial aspect, a social aspect, and a mystic aspect. Since it contains a complex set of diverse beliefs and practices, it is not easy to understand Hinduism. It also has a higher aspect which contains the deeper aspects of its philosophy and mystic practices and a lower aspect which is mostly about its rituals and sacrificial ceremonies. People follow both of them or either of them according to their needs and inclination. We have included here a few external links which will throw some light on the different aspects of Hinduism as a way of life. These links have not been verified in recent years. Hence, they may contain a few dead links.

Gayatri Mantra

The 24 Letters of Gayatri Mantra

Yajna, Dana and Gotra - Ancient Indian Customs

Articles on Hinduism

Spiritual Renewal, the Hindu way


Yajna five kinds of Yajna

The Ganesh Yajna

Devotion - the Supreme Yajna

Siva Puja & Advanced Yajna

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Ancient and Contemporary Gurus

Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery

Jambudvipa - Indian Philosophy and Hinduism

Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism

Hindu Links Universe: God Sages and Gurus : Contemporary ...

Hinduism Unveiled: Forbidden Verses in Hindu Scriptures

Vivaaha Marriage in Hindu Dharma

Hinduism Is Not a Religion

Hindu Marriage Customs and Beliefs

Hindu Marriage Ceremony

Marriage and Morals

VivAha prakaraNaM (The Hindu marriage mantras) (realaudio)

The Hindu Marriage Ceremony


Marriages & Divorces

Hindu Intercaste Marriage in India : Ancient and Modern

Bhajanawali Hindu marriage

Gargi's Hinduism Home page

Why and How to Pray

Read on Hindu Marriage Ceremony

The Significance of Hindu Marriage Rituals

Hindu Marriage, Hindu Wedding

Learn Alphabets the Hindu Way

Indiainfo Law: Hindu Marriage Act - 1955


SamyujDhara: Hindu Family and Marriage: A Study of Social ...

Ancient Hindu Marriage Law and Practice: Book No. 10195

Hindu Marriage 101

JeevanSathi: Auspicious Times: The Hindu Marriage Ceremony

Vivah Pratha

Hindu Panchang HomePage

Hindu Basics

Daily Life and Hinduism

What is Hinduism

Links About Essential Hinduism

HINDUISM The world's third largest religion

An Introduction to Hinduism by Dr. CP.Ramaswami Aiyar, and others.

Hinduism Online

Hinduism: Upanishads: Devotion

Mystic India

The Sanatana Dharma Page

Hinduism: Yoga sutras: Devotion

SpiritWeb: God and Gods of Hinduism

What is Hinduism? -- Barsana Dham

SpiritWeb: Nine Questions About Hinduism


On the Name(s) of the Absolute in Hinduism, Judaism

The divine incarnation in Hinduism and Christianity


Beliefs, One World. Religion, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism ...

Ch. 1 from The Prophet and his message by Dr. Khalifa

Hinduism trditions and christianity

Christianity and Hinduism: Domination or Dialogue?

Krishna is Christ: Christianity Hinduism, New Testament

Introduction to Hindu Dharma

Swami Vivekananda and the after-life

Hindu Culture - Upavasa, Moksha and Muhurta

ARTICLE : What are the Hindu Beliefs? Hinduism Today

Different Orders of Spirits

Hindu Beliefs

Rationale behind Hindu Customs and Beliefs: Interact Inn All

SpiritWeb: God and Gods of Hinduism

Hindu Mythology

Templenet - Beliefs & Legends associated with Indian Temples


Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

Suggestions for Further Reading

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