Yoga Vashisht, The Abridged Version

Shiva and Parvati

"I interrupted him and asked: 'By Dharana you preserved long life, while other Yogis perished?' " The long-lived one answered: 'No, they did not perish, but they got tired of the burden of the human body and gave it up at will.'

The Yoga Vashista is available in two forms, a shot version known as Laghu Yoga Vashishta and a longer version known as Dirgha Yoga Vashishta. This translation by Rishi Singh Gherwal, who is also author of many other books, is of the short version. The Yoga Vashisht deals with many important ethical and spiritual concepts of Hinduism in the form of a long conversations between Lord Rama and sage Vashishta.

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