How Reality Manifests in Creation

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by Jayaram V

Summary: This essay describes the methods by which reality manifests in creation according to Hindu scriptures, and how you can improve your creative and manifesting power in daily life

The creative power of God manifests in Nature in various ways. Our scriptures suggest the various methods by which reality manifests in the world. Some of them are used in Creation by God through Nature. Some are used by us in ritual and spiritual practices. These methods can be used by us in our daily lives.

Since our minds and bodies are products of Nature, we have the same creative power to manifest reality. However, it does not fully manifest in us due to limitations in our knowledge, thinking, reasoning, perception, etc. Hence our ability to create or manifest reality remains limited or dormant in most cases. However, we can improve it through study and observation or spiritual transformation.

The following methods by which reality manifest in the world are found in our scriptures such as the Samhitas, the Upanishads, the Puranas and the Bhagavadgita. Creative power, ability or potential is different from creativity. By creativity we mean the ability to solve problems and find solutions in innovative ways, whereas the creative ability refers to the ability to manifest reality or desired outcomes. They may be interconnected, but this discussion is about the methods by which reality manifests in the world by our own efforts (adhyatmika) or with the help of gods (adhi daivika) and others (adhibhautika).

Will power or determination

Creation manifested from the will of God. Your life manifests out of your will and that of God. Will is the foundation of your actions. "Will" means determination, conviction and tenacity to do what you intend to do. You can strengthen your will to create the life you want to lead or translate your thoughts into reality. If you are determined, you will be more effective in your thinking and actions.

The power of thoughts

Everything begins in our minds as a thought or idea only. Thought is the seed. Will and action are the nourishing agents. Therefore, think clearly about goals. Organize your thoughts around the goals you want to achieve. Let your mind be saturated with those thoughts until you succeed in your effort.

The power of speech

Words have power. They influence your thinking and behavior. Our scriptures vouch for the power of sacred chants and words in propitiating gods for help. With right words and pleasant voice, you can win over many people and seek their help and cooperation to reach your goals or manifest desired reality.

The power of God

You cannot always depend upon your own effort only. You need the cooperation and contribution of many, especially the will and blessings of God. He is the secret partner and silent witness in all our actions. Through faith and devotion, you can bring God into your life and be your mentor and benefactor.

The power of auspicious time

Time is an aspect of God. Things manifest in their due time, and under right conditions. Our scriptures suggest that it is necessary to choose an auspicious time to perform certain actions. If you choose right moments and circumstances and time your actions and decisions with diligence, you will be more effective.

The power of good deeds

Actions have consequences. You cannot escape from the law of Karma. Your future will be less troublesome and you will have better chances of enjoying your life, if you live responsibly and avoid hurting and harming others, cheating and lying, stealing or coveting other’s wealth. If you help others, it is even better.

The power of fate

Fate or chance plays an important role creation. If you examine the lives of the people around you, you can discern how important chance, luck or circumstances are in our lives. You cannot control or predict events. However, you can minimize their impact by planning for contingencies and keeping an open mind.

The power of desires

Desire is a very powerful creative force. It is responsible for our actions and relationships. Our lives are largely shaped by them. You can use the power of desire to create your desired life. With right thinking and discernment, you can pursue right desires, without spiritually harming yourself or hurting others.

The power of spiritual purity

Everyone has an innate spiritual power, which sustains them in difficult times. You can invoke that power to create your life. Our scriptures refer to spiritual energy (tapah) as the essence of our bodily energies. It arises from austerities and disciplined life and gives humans extraordinary powers to manifest things.

The power of sacrifice

Our scriptures affirm that life originated upon earth from a sacrifice only. By giving, you open many doors. When you help others or serve them, you create many new opportunities for yourself. Use the power of sacrifice to forge relationships with gods and humans and make them a part of your journey in life.

The power of union

Creation manifests because of the union between Purusha and Prakriti. You can use the power of union to create a successful life. For example, you can join with right minded people to create powerful synergy through team work. You can combine your knowledge and skills, or sync your goals with your strengths.

The power of chaos

Gods and demons used the power of chaos when they churned the oceans to extract the elixir of life. Chaos and disruption can force us to shake our complacency and look for new opportunities and possibilities. No one wants to lead a chaotic life. However, sometimes it is necessary to become unstuck in life or break free from daily routine or face uncertainty to change the direction of your life.

The power of combinations

The Upanishads describe how gods mixed the aspects of Nature in different combinations to manifest diversity.  You also can use the power of mixing to improve you thinking, planning and decision-making skills. You possess a unique mix or talents, skills and other resources. You can wisely use them to achieve best results.

The power of destruction

In Nature, destruction is usually followed by renewal and regeneration. Everything in creation has a beginning and an end. Destruction is usually followed by renewal and regeneration. We can use the power of destruction to conserve our resources, break an impasse, remove an obstacle or make a new beginning.


We are creators in our own right. We can manifest reality within our own limitations and achieve our goals and desired outcomes with dedication and determination. We may not always be sure of the outcome or succeed in our effort, but if we persevere our chances of success multiply. Our manifesting power largely depends upon our thinking and creativity. In most cases they are limited or constrained by our ignorant, negative and self-destructive behavior.

In the pure consciousness of the soul there is no distinction between thought and will or between thought and reality. We may not possess that power in the mental or physical realm, but we can improve our ability to create and manifest realty, by removing the impurities within our minds and bodies and cultivating divine qualities. We can use the same methods which are used by Nature in the real world to manifest our hopes, desires and aspirations.

As the Yogasutras suggests, anyone can develop supernatural powers or perfections (siddhs) by practicing Yoga. The sages and saints of ancient India cultivated those powers, through spiritual practice. They engaged in various yogas, austerities and spiritual practices to remove their impurities and imperfections and be God-like. By harnessing the purity and power of God within themselves, they were able to manifest  their thoughts into reality. However, such powers come with a lot of responsibility, and should carefully be used to avoid possible negative and destructive consequences.

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