A Critical Look Into How the UFO's May Function


by Jayaram V

With so much information in circulation about UFO encounters and extra terrestrials that even the most skeptical person finds it difficult to ignore the evidence supporting their existence. Equally hard is to argue that every one who claims to have seen an UFO or extra terrestrial is faking it. We have experiences of people showing great courage and making immense personal sacrifices in order to stand by what they have seen or experienced. We cannot set them aside as instances of aberrations of human behavior.

In some ways the UFO experiences remind us of the religious experiences people undergo. People have been claiming to have experienced self- realization for centuries or encounters with higher celestial beings and incredible miracles. We have people amidst us who have undergone psychic experiences, near death experiences and paranormal behavior. Life changing events do take place in the lives of numerous people during spiritual practices. Can we say that these people are making false claims or acting under self induced hallucinations?

For a subjective experience to be accepted objectively by others, either it must be experienced simultaneously by more than one within the same space and time or it must be comparable with similar events experienced by others in different times and space. The UFO encounters experienced by a wide section of people across the globe and over a time frame of several centuries stand this test.

The available accounts of UFO encounters help us to draw some hypothetical conclusions about their shape and appearance and the way they work. Hypothetically speaking, if the UFOs exist, they should exist in different shapes, sizes, models and versions. Like the our automobiles and aeroplanes they must be products of years of scientific research and hard labor supported by large facilities and complex manufacturing processes. They should come from numerous unrelated and even competing sources as well.

Also, the UFOs need not have to exist hear and now. They need not have to exist in our time and space. Most important of all they need not have to fit into our theories of existence and our field of sensory experience. Some of the UFOs encountered in our environment may be mere projections, a flash from the past or a glimpse of the future. People may see them because of an opening of the mind, or the flowering of a secret capability or hidden potential with in them that alludes to a reality that is incomprehensible in the present but a possible reality in some distant future.

Possible features and mechanism of the UFOs

1. Interaction with light

The UFOs seem to be capable of absorbing and reflecting the light in ways not yet understood by us. Since they reflect the light differently or filter the spectrum of light in peculiar ways, they are difficult to be seen or photographed. The way they appear to us, such as cylindrical, circular or conical objects, may be even misleading as they interact with the light differently. This seems to be one strong reason why we have such poor visual evidence of the UFOs. The following incidents are a few examples that explain why it is difficult to detect the UFOs in our environment.

  • What is interesting is that the landmark is less than 40 feet high, and the area it was photographed is a high street. There were a lot of shoppers that day and the public never noticed it. It was hanging there, invisible except to the camera. Looking objectively, the object would have been quite large had it been visible. It made no noise. (source: UFOEvidence.org)
  • The date was Saturday, August 6th at about 5:00 PM. I did not see the object in the sky. It only became visible when I downloaded the images onto my computer. (source: UFOEvidence.org)

2. Camouflage techniques

Probably the UFOs are also capable of merging into the background color seamlessly as many animals on this planets do to escape detection. This could be one reason why people often see UFO intermittently as if they are there one minute and gone the next. Common sense dictates that if you are on an interstellar voyage venturing into unknown frontiers you have to develop very sophisticated and superior methods of camouflage to stay undetected and face the enemy in the event of a strategic combat.

3. Biomechanical devices or biological creatures

The UFOs do not seem to be purely mechanical objects. Some of them may be biomechanical devices capable of learning, adapting and surviving, made of particles and energies that are beyond the realm of our current knowledge of consciousness and quantum physics. Think of them as some kind of giant artificial intelligences programmed to travel long distances guided by their own intelligence, making rationale decisions or meeting with situational challenges and survival issues as they journey from one point to another within the vast spaces of the universe. Some UFO may be giant sized pure biological creatures, floating in the interstellar space, living in small communities and capable of traveling at the speed of light. Like the giant whales often pushed to the sea shore, they may enter a planetary space by accident or chance.

3. The UFOs defy or repel gravity

The UFOs seem to be capable of absorbing, controlling, channeling, reflecting and even repelling gravitational and magnetic forces in a manner somewhat similar to the way the earthly objects interact with light energy. This capability gives them some superior advantages. First the UFO would never have to worry about coming into collision with any planetary object or being sucked in by a giant planet or a black hole. Secondly it can easily deflect any missile or object directed at it by a hostile force. Thirdly the UFO doesn't have to spend extra energy or thrust to escape the gravitational field of each cosmic object they explore. Fourthly it would keep the internal systems of the UFO free from the disturbances caused by the gravitational forces. Most important of all such a mechanism would render the UFOs capable of moving at extraordinary speeds with in the environment of a planetary object without the need to undergo major adjustments.

Hostile of Friendly ?

It is not necessary that the UFO are keeping a regular and continuous watch of the earth. It is not necessary that they have any ambitious project to invade the earth or occupy this planet. The universe is vast and unlimited. There is no scarcity of any material or planetary resources in this universe. With countless galaxies and myriad planets the universe beckons and challenges superior intelligences to explore and understand its immensity and mystery rather than conquer and control some superfluous objects for some short term gain.

It is however possible that there are some inimical and hostile forces out there and someday one such force may come out with a grand scheme to outwit us and destroy us for some ulterior motive. But if we ever come into contact with them or have to face them, I believe the survival mechanism in our collective consciousness will equip us with necessary knowledge and skills to deal with the situation. Or else we will have to undergo intense struggle to prove our worthiness in the process of natural selection on the universal scale.

Aren't we a threat to the UFOs?

One question that needs to be answered by us someday is when human beings advance technologically and enter into a galactic age, whether they will be capable of living in harmony with other intelligences of the universe or become a threat to the extra terrestrial intelligences. With our propensity for aggression, competitiveness and need to control it may be no one wonder if we are categorized by other intelligences into a hostile variety. It is possible we may be already on their watch list with plans drawn about how to deal with our aggressive and destructive nature when the time comes.

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