ExperienceFestival Illegal Copying From Other Websites


by Jayaram V

This article is about illegal copying of information and articles by experiencefestival.com from other websites. Experiencefestival.com does it with such impunity that it warrants attention. People who manage experiencefestival.com have no hesitation in copying information form other websites illegally to display them on their websites.

Interestingly they are part of a religious institution and supposed to maintain high moral values and ethical standards themselves. Probably people who work for experiencefestival.com believe that all information comes from God and so copying is legal. I am sure even Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations With God, would disagree.

Almost every religion and religious movement is against stealing. Anything that we take from others that does not belong to us without their permission amounts to stealing. All religions preach against such practice. Categorically, stealing is a religious and spiritual offence. Whether it is done for some moral or religious purpose or selfish reason does not matter. People at ExperienceFestival.com are ignoring this important and fundamental moral value in managing and maintaining their website.

At ExperienceFestival.com you will find scant respect for the intellectual property rights. They have ripped of several articles from Hinduwebsite.com and reproduced them without any consideration for copyright laws. Their copying tactics are cleverly geared to promote their own website at the cost of others. Most of the articles copied from Hinduwebsite.com are the ones that are ranked high by the search engines, especially Google. By posting these selected articles into their own website and with the clever use of keywords in the body of the article they managed to improve the ranking of their own website. Since search engines rely more upon keywords than original authorship, ExperienceFestival.com stands to gain by this method of copying.

ExperienceFestival.com do mention the name of the Hinduwebsite.com with these words -"courtesy to Hinduwebsite.com". They also provide some information about the website. But they don't provide an active link to Hinduwebsite.com from the same page. This way they ensure that the search engine bots would not crawl to the original webpages at Hinduwebsite.com. My initial search on their website shows that in all they have lifted about 44 articles from Hinduwebsite.com. I wonder how many hundreds of articles they might have copied from other websites in the same manner.

Hinduwebsite.com is managed and maintained by one person without any organizational support. The articles presented here, except those that are specifically mentioned, are the products of years of study and personal research. ExperienceFestival.com has a whole organization behind them and millions of dollars to spend for getting original articles written for them by scholars.

I manage this website purely on my own. I do not collect donations, nor approach any institution for support. I wonder why ExperienceFestival.com have to choose this questionable approach to copy content from other websites in such a manner. I am posting this on my website as all my attempts to reach them have failed to generate any response.

I hope they see the point and remove all references to Hinduwebsite.com and my articles. If you are connected to this organization or know someone there personally please bring this to their notice and let them respond to this article by contacting me.

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