Nine Simple Steps How a Lady Gets Her Book Published

Writing and publishing a book

by Daryl & Estraletta Green

All your life you wanted to be a writer. You wanted your words to come alive. All your teachers could see you were gifted in the literary arts. You won many writing awards. However, your friends say you are foolish to think about writing. No publisher will ever accept you. You get hundreds of rejections despite your persistence. You want an opportunity. You don’t see how you are going to make it. What went wrong?

Do you have a personal story you want to share in a book? Do you write your experiences in your journal? Do you dream of more happiness? Publishing a book is a great start. When I wrote my first book, My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples, it took me two months to write and less than a year to get published (it normally takes 18 months to three years to get published). People were amazed at my publishing accomplishments.

Since that time, I have given insights to thousands of people about the publishing industry. Sadly, I know that most individuals will not see their material published. Most people do not possess that special internal motivation. Many women have stories that can help others but never get the opportunity to share their stories. We are going to change that this year. We will provide you with our proven method of getting published in a simple manner. Do you dream of fame? Wealth? Influence?

Do you want the personal fulfillment of writing a book? These things can happen if you have the passion. Let’s explore this deeper. With the emergence of new publishing technology and the Internet, the publishing world is in a state of uncertainty.

Publishing is a business. Most writers simply don’t understand this point. The major purpose for traditional publishers is to turn a profit. Therefore, they look for broad subject books with mass appeal. There are over 60,000 books being published yearly.

How does a person get a book published? In the past, the traditional path to publishing was (a) write a manuscript (book), (b) locate a literary agent (your salesperson), (c) find the right publisher, (d) submit the manuscript for review, (e) receive publishing deal from publisher, and (f) get published and get paid. Times have changed. However, you can increase your publishing successfully with my simple nine steps, which are:

1. Determine publishing goals

Establish your publishing objectives. What do you hope to accomplish in publishing your book? It’s important to answer this question upfront.

2. Establish desired outcomes

Determine what you expect as a result of publishing your first book. What are your expectations?

3. Review other similar books

Evaluate similar books in your subject area. Go to the local bookstores.

4. Set a deadline for book completion

Some "would be" authors have good intentions but never fulfill their dreams of being published. One of the key problems is failure to set a publishing deadline and completing it.

5. Write book manuscript with passion

Most novice authors write without a passion. You need to create energy in your book.

6. Develop a book marketing strategy

Many writers fail without a good plan. However, effective business people use a plan for implementing their business. If you need help, get help from other publishing professionals.

7. Select the preferred publishing method

Authors should consider their preferred publishing method. The 21st century has provided an array of different methods for publishing. We prefer the outright control of the self-publishing approach or using a publishing portal. We call our approach Entrepreneur Publishing. Want to publish fast and effective? Please consider the following publishing portals:

  • Xlibris (,
  • Lulu (,
  • ( or
  • Outskirtspress (

8. Track book results

Once the book is published continue to track your results against your desired outcome. Did you accomplish your goal? Continue to measure results.

9. Get feedback from target audience

Seek to improve your writing style and marketing. Get feedback from your readers when possible. It will help improve the quality of your books.

Today, you can become a woman with great power and influence. These nine steps provide you a publishing strategy. Being a published author will change your life. You can use your book to gain monies, grow a new business, and promote yourself. You can also use it to indulge your ego, bolster your self-confidence, and gain the admiration of others.

You can become a celebrity in your community. There is no limit. However, any rewards will be based on your energy. You have the potential to write your first book. Don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams. Start today!

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Daryl and Estraletta Green provide personal advice all around the country. They are the author of several books, including My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples. Get a copy of their latest special report, Book Publishing for Professionals at or contact them at

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