Islamic Fundamentalism is a Virus


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Note: This editorial is not about Islam but about Islamic Fundamentalism or Extremism which is a global problem and need to be understood and resolved by all people, countries and governments for the peaceful coexistence of all.

Islamic fundamentalism is a virus, deadlier than all the viruses we know. Many nations in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas are already infected with it. The world is now suffering from a new form of self-destructive AIDS caused by it called the Acquired Islamic Destructive Syndrome which aims to weaken the nations and people by eating away their vital resources and causing them emotional unrest and mental agony. If left to itself, the disease will spread to many other nations and gradually infect the whole planet, destorying all life and humanity.

Now amateur leaders and ignorant journalists in many countries like India and the USA consider this a temporary phenomena. They even feel apologetic about the incidence of this virus as if it has escaped from some research lab in the west due to their negligence and has turned into a major problem. In their misguided enthusiasm many leaders think that it is a form of common cold and will go away after a few sneezes and violent coughs. Hence they have not been able to focus persistently on developing an effective antidote.

The truth is Islamic fundamentalism is a a deadly virus of 21st century to infect this planet. So far, it has no cure. It cannot be quarantined or contained behind prison walls or dealt with as another headache. It is a serious disease that is threatning not a few countries like the USA, India or European nations, but the whole word, including Islamic nations. Can anyone sleep peacefully, thinking that a virus has infected only a few organs but not the whole body? Once it gains entry into the body, it will gradually spread into all vital organs and make the whole body vulnerable to death and destruction. Therefore it is time the leaders of the world and sane minds understand what they are dealing with and what they can do to save this world from a certain destruction and an ongoing economic depression. The following points are worth considering.

Facts about Islmaic Fundamentalism

1. Islamic fundamentalism and Islam are not the same. Islamic fundamentalism is a violent philosophy that exploits the ideals of Islam for its own nefarious ends. Perhaps if it ever succeeds in achieving its goals, it will suppress Islam also by putting up a new Prophet on the pedestal using the existing prophecies in the scriptures to exploit people. So far, using Islam as the conduit, it has managed to infest all Muslim nations. Most Muslims are unaware that they have become the carriers of this deadly virus, and since it remains dormant in them they are seemingly immune to it.

2. You cannot find an effective remedy to it because there is not one strain of Islamic fundamentalism, but many. These different forms of extremism also morph frequently through mutations, making any solution to deal with them ineffective and frustrating.

3. Islamic fundamentalism does not believe in the equality of religions or in the fundamental rights of human beings. It wants to enslave the whole world to an ideology that is rooted in fear, hatred and envy with the use of violence and cruelty.

4. Islamic fundamentalism exploits Muslims more than any other group of people and uses them as tools to achieve its ends. Once it gains their trust, it curtails their own freedom and dignity and suppresses their voice. We have seen this happening from time to time in many countries.

5. Since it is rooted in a violent idoelogy, wherever it thrives, it destroys peace and stability and spreads chaos and unrest. It engulfs individuals, families and whole nations and leaves them in a pile of rubble, diminished strength, broken dreams and endless despair.

6. Since it is uncompromising it cannot be resolved through common sense, reason, diplomacy or goodwill. It cannot be resolved by violence either because with each outburst of anger and force it gathers strength.

The solution

The answer to Islamic fundamentalism is Islam itself. Only sane and wise Muslims can stop this virus from spreading further and destroying this world. Only they can act as an effective antidote to this otherwise self-destructive and most dangerous problem of the 21st century. If Muslims believe that this is not their problem but the problem of non-Muslims, they would unwittingly put themselves in the hands of the most violent and godless people the humanity has ever seen. In the initial stages they may watch others suffering; but in the end they will be enslaved to a violent ideology and made to live against their will and freedom.

Please consider this for a moment. Would you trust a violent horse and like to ride upon it thinking that you will not fall under its feet and be trampled by it? Would you like an insance, destructive, suicidal and unstable driver to drive your vehicle, while you and your family travel in it as passengers? Do you think that the driver will take you safely to your cherished destination? You know eventually what may happen. Or perhaps you do not because many countries today in the Islamic world are ruled by cruel and unstable people who do not care for human life including that of the Muslims.

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