Bollywood Seculars and their Hidden Agenda


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(Hinduwebsite Editorial - Exploring Truth Amidst Illusions and Distortions)

We know that religious people should not overly get involved with political matters.

We also believe in the importance of religious harmony and secularism in multiracial and multicultural societies like India and the USA.

However, this editorial has become necessary in response to how for the last several decades some Bollywood movie producers and directors have been misusing their creativity and wealth to propagate and establish a composite culture in India at the expense of the native cultures.

Most movies that are made in India do not truly reflect the history of the country, its culture or its values, nor do they truly reflect the contemporary society or its numerous dimensions.

The movies are made primarily with commercial motive, with least regard for truth or reality. As far as the profit motive is concerned, we do not consider it a problem.

Movies are meant to be made for profit, but for that they are not expected to distort historical truths or create false narratives in the minds of people.

There are certain vested interests in the industry who want the status quo to continue in the name of secularism because they are benefited by it immensely.

These people who include some prominent writers, directors, producers, actors and distributors, do not care for India or its welfare. It is obvious from the kind of movies they produce and why they produce them.

What motivates them is neither the love for the country nor respect for its complex culture, but the prospects of money and profit.

The elite of the Indian film industry, with a few exceptions, harp on secularism and ignore the problem of corruption and other major problems plaguing India today.

You have to wonder why they want to denigrate their own culture and religious beliefs to impress the people in other countries

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