Seeing God Everywhere

All Prevading Consciousness

by Jayaram V

There is a Spirit who is hidden in all things, as cream is in milk and who is the source of all knowledge and self-sacrifice. This is Brahman, the spirit Supreme. This is Brahman, the spirit Supreme. - Svetasvatara Upanishad.

For most of us the omnipresence of God is just a notion. We do not really believe in it seriously.

If we do, then we will no more act as if no one is watching over us and we will not indulge in sinful actions.

To see God everywhere you must remember Him always and consider Him the source of all actions and happenings.

You must have faith in His divine presence in all the actions you perform, things you perceive and places you visit.

Have you ever felt that God resides in you? Have you ever imagined that He is present wherever you go and in whatever actions you perform? It is difficult to feel the presence of God without cultivating the devotional attitude and surrender to Him with love and humility.

This article is about cultivating such a spiritual attitude to experience the omnipresence of God and see His Universal Form (visvarupam) everywhere and in everything. It is about seeing God in you and around you and feeling comfortable in His presence.

In the Bhagavadgita, what Arjuna saw was the diversity of God manifested in the entire creation. We see this diversity everyday. When we look at the stars in the night sky, we see His universal form. However, we do not think we see Him because we do not see the connection and His inseparable presence in His creation.

Whether you believe in it or not, God is present in the whole manifest creation. He is hidden in all and ruler of all. He pervades the whole creation and bridges all dualities.

Where there is light, there is God. Where there is darkness, there also is the hidden presence of God.

Where there is love, there is God; where there is hatred and resentment there also is the Hand of God.

In the beauty of a flower, in the innocence of a child, in the radiance of the sun, in the generosity of the earth, in the harmony of the universe, in the beauty of the heavens, in the waters of the rivers and oceans, in the intelligence of man and the vastness of the universe if you can see the sacred and dynamic presence of God, your relationship with the world in which you live and deal with would change for ever.

For a man of that vision and understanding, the entire universe becomes a huge temple of God and he becomes His devotee, with countless opportunities to worship Him, feeling His presence and being blessed.

Therefore, look for the signs of God everywhere and in everything you come across. Accept His living presence wholeheartedly. Change the way you view the world around you. When your senses fall asleep, when your mind rests in its own void, you will wake up to see and experience a new world of Divine Truth.

When you develop this vision of oneness, you become filled with love, with a new vision and awareness that is not ordinary to earthly plane. You lose your sense of insecurity and mortal fear that plagues every ordinary being in this world as he struggles and trudges along all alone in the world.

You are not afraid because you have this feeling of certainty that God is with you all the time and that He has become your partner in every thing you do. You will not incur any sin because you are guided by Him all the time.

The seers and saints develop this vision. They feel the oneness of the Universe and through that feeling they become closer to the divine presence both within and without.

For them every thing in the universe is sacred and nothing is abominable or hateful because in their minds even the negative aspect of the universe is permeated by Him.

They do not suffer from any doubt and conflict about their faith, because they are convinced that all that happens here is a part of His play. In them, all conflicts and divisions of awareness resolve themselves into a harmonious whole.

The holistic vision of life becomes an integral part of their awareness. Established in that vision, they become compassionate and harmless, filled with unconditional love that accepts and absorbs everything without any resistance or preference. They develop an all seeing awareness and an intuitive insight that help them to resolve their inner conflicts and doubts.

Armed with such a vision, they finally experience the omniscience and omnipresence of God and become one with it. Theirs is the path of the radiant masters, of the souls that are permanently freed from the bondage of mortality and earthly life and have gained the right to enter the abode of Supreme Bliss, never to return again.

So look for God everywhere. See Him here and now. See Him in you and around you. Feel His presence in all things you perceive and experience in your daily life. Know Him to be the source of all your thoughts, actions and perceptions and your support.

To cultivate this vision, you need to develop the right attitude and fill your heart with love for God and His creation. You must open your heart to the divine presence hidden in all creation and see His footprints hidden in the layers of life.

There is no failure on this path, only temporary setbacks, which arise to strengthen your resolve and lead you to the goal of your liberation. It is not difficult to persist in this practice and experience the omnipresence of God.

You have to cultivate aspiration, faith, virtue and devotion. You have to invite God unconditionally into your life and surrender to Him. You have to let Him do the cleansing while you flow with the flow and do not resist change and impermanence.

These virtues are your companions on your road to salvation. If you trust them and stick to your goal, they would lead you to it and help you become one with the Supreme Self.

So prepare well for this journey and feel the presence of God in whatever you do, see and experience.

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