God as Your Role Model

God as Your Role Model

by Jayaram V

And so the only thing to do is to enter into contact with it- not to give a name or describe it. In fact, there is hardly any use giving it a name or describing it. One must try to enter into contact, to concentrate upon it, live it, live that reality, and whatever the name you give it is not at all important once you have the experience. The experience alone counts. The Mother,

In truth who knows God becomes God.. Mundaka Upanishad.

Let the mind be in you, which was also in Jesus Christ. St.Paul.

The Knower and the known are one. Simple people imagine that they should see God, as if he stood there and they here. This is not so, God and I, we are one in knowledge. Eckhart.

What is the best way to grow in the likeness of God and cultivate His divine qualities? How can you manifest godliness in you so that you manifest the power of God in you and become a channel to His eternal love and abundance and heal others with His healing power that flows through you?

If you are filled with yourself, you cannot bring that power into you. if you are preoccupied with your own concerns, you will not hear the voice of God that speaks to you always.

To be God like you must be absent or silent. You must empty enough to let the love and power of God flow through you.

If you have a will of your own, you cannot be His instrument. if you have a mind of your own, you cannot let His thought manifest to you.

To bring God into your life and manifest Him in your thoughts and actions, I suggest a simple technique.

Make God your role model and use Him as the ideal you want to manifest in you.

Follow his example in whatever you do and try to achieve His level of purity and virtue.

If you persist in this, sooner or later, the power of God will be established in you and speak through you.

When your mind and body become pure, you become God like.

This is the secret I want to speak to you today because it has the power to transform your life forever. It will not only heal you but also make a source of healing.

In my life I have struggled in vain to be many things and seek many things, until I realized that all my effort to be something or reach somewhere in my life would be in vain if I did not have the virtues of God and follow His example.

Trying to be God like is not arrogance but humility. You need immense humility, courage and great devotion to be not yourself and make God the center of your being.

God is our only recourse and example to follow. We will have peace and abundance only when our allegiance to Him is complete and unconditional.

What can we give to Him? Is not that offering which you make to Him in a Church or temple already belongs to Him?

Our offerings are meant not to satisfy His wants and needs but ours. We pray to Him not because He needs our prayers but because we need Him.

We cannot give Him anything that He does not have. We can only take from Him because He is the source of everything.

Therefore, if there is any ideal which is worthy of emulation and practice, it is God only. He is the highest ideal we can follow. He is our true model. It is the greatest sacrifice we can make.

How can you make God your role model and grow in his likeness? Here is a simple technique, which you can practice.

Imagine that God has descended into the earth's consciousness and taken birth as a human being. Imagine that He has retained most of His divine qualities, but none of His magical or supramental powers.

How would have He lived? How would have He solved His day to day problems, dealt with people and conducted Himself in society or family?

Imagine and live that way. Live the way God would have lived and conducted Himself on earth. Live the way He would have spoken to others, the way He would have behaved with others, the way He would have coped with adversity, the way He would have faced negative people and situations, and the way He would have had relationships with various people in His life and so on.

Whenever you have a problem or difficulty imagine how God would have solved the problem or conducted Himself. As you start measuring yourself against God you develop the urge to measure up to Him. God becomes your goal and your true ideal and you would be drawn to Him for ever.

It is not very difficult to visualize the life of God on earth in human form or how He would have lived here amidst us like a man, not as a super human being but with all the limitations to which mankind is subjected to. It is not that God has never visited the earth nor shown to us the way to live under ideal circumstances.

The purpose of His incarnations are but to exemplify the ideal human life upon earth under testing circumstances and the way we should live and conduct ourselves living amidst people.

So let us mold our lives in accordance with the divine values, with God as our imaginary role model, as our true ideal, as our goal on earth. Let us think like Him, act like him and live like Him.

It is in the richness of our imagination and in the strength of our devotion that we can learn to follow Him truly and successfully.

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