Finding Your Peace and Harmony

Peace and hamrony

by Jayaram V

There is an intelligent design hidden in the universe. Whether it is the structure of an atom, composition of a cell or configuration of a star system, we can see this intelligent design hidden everywhere. Even in the seemingly random process of evolution and our births and deaths, we can see the hand of intelligent design playing its dutiful role. Science may examine the structure and the configuration of matter and understand how things are made or composed. But it cannot explain why things are the way they are. Science will never ever be able to answer it correctly, because science cannot deal with the Cause of the causes.

The Vedic people saw the hand of the intelligent design hidden in every aspect of the universe and considered it to be responsible for the orderliness of creation. They saw hidden in the entire creation a certain mysterious order of things and called it 'Rta' (pronounced as ritha). They believed it to be the divinity itself because it regulated the affairs of the world and maintained dharma by keeping things within their boundaries and ensuring their movements with predictable certainty.

They saw Rta working in the natural rhythmic flow of seasons, the movement of time, the constitution of the body and the elements, the configuration of the planets and their rotation, the passing of day and night, the recurrence of sunrise and sunset, the wondrous symmetry of forms and shapes, the sounds of music and the dazzle of colors. They were convinced that these things were perfect because Rta was responsible for their inherent symmetry and the order of things.

For the Vedic Indians, Rta was the fundamental universal principle that governed all creation and manifested itself in every conceivable way, from the cells and atoms to the planets and the universe. The concept was so important in the ancient world that we can find traces of it in other languages also. The Sanskrit world 'ritu' (season) or riti (tradition or the way of things) originated from this word.

We can find its equivalent in other Indo European languages also. It equivalent word in Latin is 'rhythmus', in French 'rhythme', in Greek 'rhuthmos' and in English 'rhythm'. Whatever be the language these words convey the same concept: order, beat, pulse, meter, pattern, flowing, and harmony.

The ancient Indians found rta a convenient way to deal with the uncertainty of events and the unpredictable nature of existence. In an ephemeral world on which they had little control, they found the regularity of certain events and movements as evidence of underlying stability and sign of intelligent control. The predictability of certain events and situations helped them manage their affairs better, such as harvesting the crops, performing rituals and determining auspicious and inauspicious occasions.

From it evolved the science of numbers, numerology, astronomy and astrology. It also helped them to predict seasons and look into the future with some degree of certainty based upon their knowledge of the order of the stars and the movement of the planets. At a deeper level they also realized the importance of establishing harmony, order and discipline in their inner worlds for an ever lasting peace. They realized that integration of the lower self with the higher self could not be achieved without bringing the two together into a harmonious whole.

Harmony and integrity are essential aspects of the Absolute Truth which is but a harmonious blend of several relative realities and truths. When there is conflict and feeling of separation, we feel exhausted, lost and frustrated and if we are on the spiritual path we will find it more difficult to continue our sadhana and stabilize our minds and bodies. Unconditional love, letting go of things, compassion, contentment, open mindedness, accepting things as they are, the state of being rather than having, establishing rapport with our higher and lower selves become easier to achieve with inner harmony between the lower and the higher selves.

He who realizes this fundamental reality of our existence is freed from all inner confusion and conflicts. He learns to cope with things as they are, without judging, without trying to change things and without conflicts. He accepts the conditions of his life with equanimity and lives in harmony with himself and with others. He finds order amidst chaos, the hand of divine in every event and harmony of purpose even in the midst of a conflict.

This is the truth. If you want to live in peace, establish harmony in your mind and body. If you can harmonize your lower nature with that of the higher self you bring order into your chaotic world of thoughts and move closer to God whose essential nature is truth, bliss and harmony (satyam, sivam and sundaram).

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