How You Can Attract Abundance, Healing Others

Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

by Jayaram V

The abundance of the universe

Practically speaking, we are living in a universe of great abundance. The universe is a manifestation of God's abundance in the material plane. Filled with billions upon billions of galaxies and vast distances, it truly reflects His infinity, vastness, power and richness. There must be countless planets out there containing resources beyond our wildest imagination, entire planets made of precious metals, hydrocarbons, rich minerals and rare metals. If we look beyond the earth, into the vast spaces of the universe, we stare into an infinity of riches, resources, possibilities, solutions and opportunities. Using them we can create prosperity and abundance for the entire humanity beyond our wildest dreams.

Yet, almost everyone here upon earth, rich or poor, weak or strong, suffers from a persistent fear of want and scarcity. Our desire for material comforts and security through wealth and resources weighs in our minds and shapes our lives and actions.

Our limitations and compulsions

While we are part of an abundant universe, we do not have any control over it and we cannot truly secure whatever wealth that may be present in it, because we are well rooted in the reality of our existence and we know clearly what ours is and what ours is not. Truly we do not feel any connection with the universe and therefore we cannot really get anything directly from it without effort.

Scarcity exists in our minds and haunts all of us most of the time. The Fear of loss and the possibility of adverse situations keep us insecure and worried. We know that in this world each is to himself. Those who want to corner the resources of the earth for their own selfish use are more than those who want to share them with others. We also know that it is difficult to live in this world without necessary means to survive.

We cannot always have what we want because the universe does not give you what you want or desire. It functions mostly mechanically, bound by certain visible and invisible laws, and we have to operate within those limitations meeting the conditions nature and life imposes upon us. Our ability to reach our goals and achieve success depends a lot upon us as well as upon the circumstances in which we live.

Exercising our wills and increasing our odds

Yet, with effort we can change the course of our destinies and the chances of success and attracting abundance into our lives. That is all we can do. With precise, persistent, organized and focused effort, we can increase the chances and the probability of bringing success, wealth and abundance into our lives.

We cannot guarantee outcomes, but we can guarantee the effort. We cannot predict what shocks and surprises life may deliver to us, but we can guarantee our responses to them. We cannot fulfill all our desires or meet all our expectations, but we can increase the probability of realizing most of them. Thus, while we are bound to limitations and vulnerable to failure and disappointment, we have options and the freedom to choose our actions, decisions, solutions and responses. We can accomplish this in two ways:

1. Through sheer physical and mental effort

2. Through spiritual effort

They are complimentary. However, we can use them alone or together. They are discussed below.

Physical and mental effort

In this approach you primarily depend upon yourself and use whatever resources and material means you may have to reach your goals and realize your dreams. You strive and struggle to shape your destiny. You muster your own strength and gather your own resources. Those who want to follow this path have to work through three successive phases to reach their goals. They are briefly described below.

Preparation: This is the state in which you establish clear goals, determine the requirements and the resources that are needed, and draw the plans and blue prints to achieve them. In this stage you prepare both mentally and physically to face the battles ahead and unforeseen problems and situations you may come across. You improve your chances of success by cultivating the skills, qualities, relationships, knowledge, guidance, support and other prerequisites specific to your goals. Important qualities required for this stage are: attention to detail, precision, patience, open-mindedness, courage and realistic thinking.

Implementation: This is the phase in which you put your heart and soul to set in motion your plans and realize your goals. To succeed in your effort, you must be relentless in your actions and remain focused upon your goals, learning from your setbacks and improving your knowledge and skills, without losing hope and courage. Qualities that determine success in this phase are: concentration, stability, courage, adaptability, leadership, vision, perseverance and positive thinking.

Evaluation: This phase begins as soon as you set in motion your action plans and continues until you meet with your expectations. In this stage you constantly evaluate your progress, make necessary adjustments to your plans and actions, meet the contingencies, learn from your failures and setbacks and sustain your effort. Important qualities which will help you to make progress during this phase are: humility, willingness to learn, balance, courage, positive thinking, knowledge, and analytical thinking.

Spiritual effort

When adversity strikes or when suffering increases, people tend to pray to God, visit temples, perform rituals or indulge in superstition. Many people go to astrologers out of anxiety to know their future or resort to magic and rituals to ward off the evils. I cannot speak for these remedies because a lot depends upon who performs them and with what motives. I would not say they would not work, but I believe they are temporary measures. Your suffering is a product of your past karmas and unless you address that problem, you cannot secure happiness of success on an enduing basis.

Hence, I can speak to you with confidence about an alternative approach, which in my opinion is much more powerful and effective than the other one. It is doing good karma by indulging in good actions. Good karma not only neutralizes your past karma and washes away many sins of your past but also reduces your suffering and resets your future. In my opinion this is the best way to overcome your suffering and adversity. Here is a simple rule to follow in your life.

If you want to secure peace and prosperity in your life and overcome pain and suffering, be a good person, do good to others and harm no one. This is better than running to astrologers and securing amulets and mystic charms.

When adversity strikes, people become constricted and selfish in their thinking and attitude. This is the general response, but it is not at all good. Instead, one must open up, and through one's own suffering empathize with the suffering of others.

Every adverse situation in your life is an opportunity to correct your past and transcend your pettiness. In your suffering you can plunge into the depths of despair or rise to great heights by thinking and caring for other's welfare. One drags you down the road of samsara. The other lifts you up and leads you on the path of salvation. This is the solution the Buddha suggested. Your suffering should open your eyes to the suffering that is inherent in the world and make you compassionate towards all those who suffer even worse than you. When you send them prayers of love and healing, when you pray for the alleviation of others' suffering you become cleansed while your prayers help them in their own mysterious ways.

Therefore, when you are suffering, use your suffering as an opportunity to transcend your selfishness and help those who are going through even great pain. This is the best way to align well with the forces of the universe and find relief from your own suffering. The universe will align with you to the extent you step out of your own boundaries of individuality and egoism and relate to others.

We all are part of one creation and share the same inner essence. In God's consciousness there is neither rich nor poor. There is just one being in numerous forms and situations. What one owns is owned by all and what is owned by all is also owned by one. There is also unconditional love which keeps abundance flowing and circulating in the whole creation with full intensity, showing no partiality, preferring no one in particular but supporting those who support the cause and the purpose of creation.

This is the law of abundance. Exclusive ownership limits our abundance whereas inclusive ownership leads to happiness and more abundance. We have abundant evidence of people suffering from anxiety and depression even when they have abundance in their lives. They suffer because they constantly strive to keep their wealth and protect it from being lost or reduced. Their attachment makes them more obsessed and possessive. They suffer because they cannot trust themselves or even God. They suffer from guilt because they want to be wealthy at the cost of others happiness. This is not the right approach to creating wealth or enjoying it.

Instead, you should do good karma, earn wealth and use it for healing and helping others. You should follow the path of the righteousness and make yourself a channel of God's abundant compassion. When you make others happy, you become happy and contended. In the end, you should renounce all attachment to wealth and work for your liberation. This is the highest and the most beneficial goal one can have in life to become free from the cycle of births and deaths.

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