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Palvinder Dhanjal was a young Biology degree student at Wolverhampton Polytechnic when her life was dramatically changed by just that diagnosis. In Three Phases of a Struggle, she tells us first hand of her experiences in finding out about; being treated for; and recovering from that most feared of medical conditions. Her personal recollections are vivid, good-humoured and bravely written; many of the memories that she shares with the reader are traumatic and deeply moving.

This book is much more than the fascinating diary of a cancer patient however. Palvinder Dhanjal has grown to understand the nature of the disease in a way that, possibly, only someone who has suffered from it can. She runs through current medical practice in diagnosing and treating cancer in a readable and non-sensational manner. She also gives a fascinating insight into the additional problems young Asian women face when dealing with the disease and its aftermath.

The book offers great hope for life after treatment, as the author shares some of her life experiences post cancer. Her career progress; her thoughts on arranged marriages; her feelings on visiting Sikh holy places: these are all shared within the context of the return to a 'normal' life that is, she argues, entirely possible for those who come through the dark tunnel of operations and chemotherapy.

Palvinder Dhanjal set up N-YA CANCER in early 2000 for young Asians suffering from cancer or for those who have suffered before. The network is still in its early days, its aim is to be a contact point so you feel you are not alone. Her experience left her feeling that the society was in need of educating about the disease as well. Her experience since then has been that things in the Asian society have changed very little, and it is up to the youngsters of today to change the future. Click here to read her lifestory

The Three phases Book Review
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