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Find here a list of selected books on on Hindu mantras, the mantra tradition, sacred hymns and chants, Aum, the power of sound vibrations, healing mantras, mantras for peace, abundance and spiritual growth.

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Recommended Books

Healing Mantras Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

Mantra Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

Thomas Ashley - Farrand's Healing Mantras Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

Mantras and Mudras Author: Lillian Too;

Mantras, Yantras, & Fabulous Gems...healing secrets of... Author: Howard Beckman;

Mantra Meditation for Attracting Relationships Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

Shakti Mantras Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras, and Breath Author: Dennis K., M.D. Chernin;

Chakra Mantras Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

Sounds of Tantra Author: Harish Johari;

Mantra Meditation Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand;

The Skull Mantra Author: Eliot Pattison;

The Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony; A S... Author: Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva;

7 Money Mantras for a Richer Life Author: Michelle Singletary;

Japa Yoga A Comprehensive Treatise on Mantra-Sastra Author: Swami Sivananda;

The Practice of Tibetan Meditation Author: Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche;

Success Mantra Author: Vasanth K. Bhat Ph. D.;

Mantras for Abundance Author: Shri Anandi Ma, Shri Dileepji Pathak...;

The Mantra Healing Collection Author: Shri Anandi Ma, Dileepji;

Mantras for Daily Living Author: Serena Joaquim;

Shingon Refractions Author: Mark Unno;

Power of Mantras Author: Swami Sivananda Radha;

The Mantra Book Author: Lillian Too;

Management Mantras from Thirukkural Author: T. Srinivasan;

Meditation and Mantras Author: Swami Vishnu Devananda;

Mantra and Meditation Author: Pandit Usharbudh Arya;

A Beginner's Guide to Mantras Author: Thomas Ashley Farrand;

Mantras For Abundance (Audio CD) For more than 5,000 years, the science of kundalini maha yoga has identified specific sound syllables for influencing the links between our internal and external conditions. On Mantras for Abundance, Shri Anandi Ma, a respected master of this lineage, chants specific mantras intended to help attract abundance in matters of personal relationship, material sustenance, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment. Simply listening to these chants is said to effect change by restoring the flow of prana (vital energy) between the body and its surrounding environment. With Dileepji Pathak, accompanied by tamboura, flute, and violin.

The Mantra Healing Collection (Audio CD): For more than 5,000 years, the science of kundalini maha yoga has identified specific sound syllables to effect life changes by restoring the flow of prana (vital energy) between the body and its surrounding environment – simply by listening to these sacred sounds once or more each day. For the first time, The Mantra Healing Collection brings together three powerful programs with Shri Anandi Ma: Healing Mantras – to restore well-being in body, mind, and spirit; Mantras for Releasing Fear – to unblock rigid thought patterns and encourage a peaceful spiritual state; and Mantras for Abundance – to improve energy, relationships, and finances. Each CD contains over 70 minutes of chants accompanied by tamboura, flute, and violin, and a study guide with transliterations of each mantra.

Mantras: A Musical Path to Peace (Audio CD): This book is the autobiographical story of how mantras have guided the author from being lonely, self-righteous, critical, and extremely obsessive-compulsive, to being loving, giving, tolerantand only moderately obsessive-compulsive. Woven into the narrative is almost everything you might want to know about mantras as tools for spiritual development and personal transformation.

Mantra: Sacred Words of Power (Audio CD): "The power of mantras comes not from the meaning of the syllables," teaches Ashley-Farrand, "but from their direct vibrational effect on our body’s physiological and energetic systems." He also teaches, "Sanskrit is an energy-based language, and mantras are spiritual formulas for working with this energy. They are designed to eliminate obstacles as we progress spiritually, and to help us make energetic progress toward the good." With Mantra: Sacred Words of Power, you can begin practicing these powerful chants to heal and change your own life – with the very first mantra that you chant. Includes a 36-page study guide.

Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution :An outstanding book which conveys the beauty & grace of sound through its words, quotations, exquisite photography and artistic arrangement of word and image. For this reason, this makes an excellent gift book. This book is experiential and right-brain. It suggests various truths about sound, then asks the reader to go try out exercises for herself. Conversely, the accompanying CD is pretty much filled with dialogue, which may interfere with the experience of listening to the sounds themselves. Although, of course, the voice too is sound and if you like guided musical experience, the CD is excellent.

Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

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